Poilievre urged to cast Leslyn Lewis, social conservative base

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Poilievre pressed to’ give a role to Leslyn Lewis, from the social conservative base

Conservative Leslyn Lewis attacked Pierre Poilievre during the leadership race for not talking about abortion (archives).

Ontario Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis says she is confident that Pierre Poilievre will ensure that all voices in the party caucus are heard as some call for him to appoint Ms. Lewis as spokesperson.

Mrs. Lewis ran in the recent US leadership race. Conservatives and finished a distant third with a resounding victory for Mr. Poilievre on the first ballot.

She is from the social conservative wing of the party . She is pro-life and attacked Mr. Poilievre during the race for not speaking out about abortion.

Mr. Poilievre must now contend with calls from some anti-abortion organizations to appoint Ms. Lewis as spokesperson in his opposition cabinet as a mark of respect for the party's social conservative base.

Tory MPs expect appointments to be announced after Thanksgiving weekend.

Ms Lewis says she spoke to Mr. Poilievre since the end of the race last month, and that he spoke little and listened much.

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