Poilievre's team would pressure Rayes to quit as MP

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Poilievre’s team would pressure Rayes to quit as MP

The Member of Parliament for Richmond-Arthabaska, Alain Rayes

The day after his departure from the Conservative Party to sit as an independent, Alain Rayes now tastes the wrath of disgrace. The former Conservative lieutenant from Quebec, who left his political training after the bitter failure of his candidate in the race for the leadership of the party against Pierre Poilievre, says he is targeted by the organization of the new leader who would seek to humiliate or even intimidate him.

The now independent MP says he received a message today to members of the Conservative Party urging them to resign as an MP and giving the telephone number of his constituency office to lobby to do so.

In an interview with Midi info, the member for Richmond-Arthabaska, who had supported Jean Charest in the race, said he received the message at 12:05 p.m. and claims it is from Pierre Poilievre's organization.

It reads: Alert: your MP Alain Rayes has just left the Conservative Party. He decided not to fight Trudeau inflation with the united team of Pierre Poilievre. Call his office right now and tell him to resign as MP. Call 8***.

Screenshot of text message received by Conservative Party members.

For Mr. Rayes, there is no doubt: It borders on bullying. People are being told: ''Call him, fill his voicemail and ask him to resign,'' he said in an interview with Radio-Canada.

It means that if you don't enter the ranks with your tail between your two legs, you are not a real conservative.

Invited to react to Mr. Rayes' statements, the new Conservative lieutenant from Quebec, Pierre Paul-Hus, contented himself with recalling that Alain Rayes had supported Jean Charest and that he had made the wrong choice which led to a heartbreaking defeat.

About the text message mentioned by Mr. Rayes, Pierre Paul-Hus limited himself to evoking internal bickering. It sure makes sparks, it's normal, he added.

On condition of anonymity, a member of the Poilievre team also confided that there was still animosity between the different camps.

In my opinion, he said, he was a campaign worker who had a bubble in his brain. I personally do not support this kind of message. We have other fish to fry than fighting with Alain Rayes.

Mr. Rayes announced on Tuesday that he would sit as an independent in the House of Commons, explaining that he no longer recognized himself within his own political formation.

I'm not going mad at the Conservative Party. I chose my values, my convictions and my citizens as a priority, he insisted on recalling.

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