Poland: Missile allegedly fired by Ukraine to shoot down Russian projectile | War in Ukraine

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Poland: Missile reportedly fired by Ukraine to shoot down Russian projectile | War in Ukraine

The explosion left a large crater and killed two people.

Preliminary analyzes suggest that the missile which crashed in Poland on Tuesday was not fired by Russia, but by Ukrainian forces.

It was the Associated Press that first backed up this hypothesis after talking to American sources. Later in the morning, AFP reported that the Belgian Minister of Defense came to the same conclusion.

Ukraine is said to have fired this projectile – which killed two Poles when made landfall – to shoot down one of several missiles fired by the Russian military on Tuesday in a new round of bombardments targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

The incident, blamed on the Russians by various stakeholders, emerged at the G20 summit on the other side of the world. The leaders of the Group of Seven who were there and their NATO allies met urgently. Although the heads of state unanimously condemn the barbaric missile attacks that Russia carried out on Tuesday against Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure, they are cautious about the origin of the explosion.

We offer our support and assistance in connection with the ongoing investigation by Poland. We agree to remain in close communication to determine the next steps to take depending on the progress of the investigation, can we read in a joint statement published during the night.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden had noted that it was unlikely that the missile that fell on Polish territory was fired from Russia, a restraint welcomed by the Kremlin on Wednesday morning, which proclaims its innocence.

With information from Associated Press, and Agence France-Presse

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