Poland opposes rationing its gas consumption and says it has “full reserves”


Poland opposes rationing its gas consumption and says it has

The Polish Minister for the Environment,Anna Moskwa, reiterated this Wednesday her government's position of not reduce gas consumption, despite the European proposal in this regard, since “supplies are stable and reserves are full“.

In an interview granted to the Polish press, Moskwa stressed that he does not see “the need to regulate the use of gas“, since Poland “is in a better position than other countries“. “Our gas stores are full, PGNiG (the Polish state gas distribution company)he is working on urgent investments to increase its capacity, gas supplies remain stable and it's not even getting off the ground. using all the capacity of distribution” to consumers, Anna Moskwa has declared. For this reason, I conclude, “no limitations will be imposed on consumption in Poland”.

The The minister has referred to the reduction in the supply of Russian gas to Germany through the Nord Stream gas pipeline that began this Wednesday and assured that this measure “does not affect “Significantly” to Poland. In addition, he recalled that “when temperatures drop, in October, it will be hotter.” The Baltic Pipe is underway, whose capacity will go from gradually increasing. We are also waiting for the completion of the connection tests with Slovakia”.

On Tuesday, during the meeting of the Twenty-seven to achieve reach an agreement to reduce gas consumption, the Minister has already expressed He disagreed and said that industry in one country should not be forced to use less gas to help other states facing shortages.

< p>The Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, which will transport Norwegian gas to Poland, will reach in a few months its maximum capacity reached 10,000 million cubic meters per year, approximately the amount of gas that Poland imported from Russia.

On the other hand, the connection by means of another gas pipeline from Poland with Slovakia, about to be completed, will transport High-pressure gas will be installed between the two countries through a 167-kilometre line, 61 of which run through Polish territory, and it will capacity to bring 5.7 million cubic meters of gas annually to Poland.

Polish government spokesman, Piotr Müller, He said on Tuesday that his countryis not obliged to automatically reduce the amount of gas consumed, and added: that, for the Polish government, the most important thing is to “guarantee Polish energy security and Polish interests.” For its part, PGNiG has published a statement saying that, “for the time being “, ignores “the measures that will be taken at the national level to implement the EU gas agreement”


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