Poles love to eat smoked fish. Should they disappear from our diet?


Is smoked fish healthy?

 Poles love to eat smoked fish. Should they disappear from our diet?

As the” O2 “portal reminds us, fish are a source of many valuable substances for the body, so it is worth including them to our menu as often as possible. We have a choice of fresh, frozen and smoked fish. Many people wonder if the latter are really healthy?

Smoked fish healthy or not?

Smoking is one way of preserving food which is used for meat, cheese as well as fish. Smoked products have many fans, thanks to their unique taste and aroma. They are largely dependent on the type of wood used in the smoking process.

Most often, in the process of smoking fish, birch, beech, ash wood, as well as fruit trees (apple, plum and pear trees) are used. Although many people like smoked fish, eat them wisely and choose those that bear the “GMP” quality label.

 Poles love to eat smoked fish. Should they disappear from our diet

Mackerel – a queen of smoked fish

In smoked mackerel we can find many substances valuable for our health. The meat of this fatty fish contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, thanks to which we can lower the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Thanks to the presence of selenium, mackerel has an antioxidant effect, supports the immune system, and also has anti-cancer properties.

Mackerel also contains a number of vitamins, including A, B, D and E. Unfortunately, it contains purines, which Its excess can lead to the development of arthritis as well as carcinogenesis of benzopyrene.

It is also worth limiting the consumption of smoked flounder, in which mercury accumulates in the meat. Does this mean that we should eliminate them completely from our diet? Of course not! Smoked fish eaten once in a while will certainly not adversely affect our health. More often, however, you should reach for fresh fish.

And you, are you among the fans of smoked fish?


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