Police are hunting a woman with a child that stole a car, crashed it and fled the scene of an accident (PHOTO)

Полиция разыскивает женщину с ребенком, которая угнала машину, разбила ее и сбежала с места аварии (ФОТО)

Toronto police announced the search for 27-year-old woman who smashed a stolen vehicle and then fled the scene with the child.

According to police, the crime occurred about 1:37 in the morning last Wednesday, November 27, when the officer tried to stop a woman driving on highway for a traffic violation.

Investigators say the woman then left, almost knocking the officer, and got in a car accident with one vehicle on a construction platform at Lawrence West and Caledonia Road.

Then, according to police, the woman fled the scene of the accident. According to eyewitnesses, she was a child.

Staff emphasize that they are looking for a woman also to make sure that the child is all right. The police also said that they want to the culprit herself came in and surrendered.

Now she’s wanted for the following offences:
– Did not stop at the request of the police
– Dangerous operation of vehicle
– Left the scene of the accident
– Possession of property obtained by criminal means
– Violation of probation

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