Police identify suspect after fatal attack on former CBC director

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Police identify suspect after fatal attack on former CBC director

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 dlqbmr">Robert Robin Cropearedwolf, 43, of Toronto, is wanted by police in connection with the death of Michael Finlay.

La Police have identified a man wanted in connection with the death of former CBC radio producer Michael Finlay, who died Tuesday after being attacked in east Toronto in January.

A warrant has been issued for Robert Robin Cropearedwolf, a 43-year-old man from Toronto, police said at a conference Friday afternoon.

The suspect is wanted for manslaughter.

Mr. Cropearedwolf […] I encourage you to speak to a lawyer and go to the nearest police station, said Constable Jason Hillier.

Michael Finlay died aged 73 from medical complications following an attack on the afternoon of January 24. He was allegedly assaulted by an unknown person while walking along Danforth Avenue in the Jones Avenue area, police say.

Michael Finlay had a career in CBC radio for 31 years.

In a statement, authorities said Michael Finlay fell to the ground, sustained serious injuries and the suspect fled.

Police are unsure whether the two men knew each other, but said it appeared to be a chance encounter.

According to Constable Hillier, the victim was conscious when transported to the ;hospital. We spoke to him, he said.

An autopsy took place on Wednesday, the day the homicide unit took over the investigation.< /p>

Police salute the community who have been outstanding in providing security camera footage and testimonials to police. Key elements that helped identify the suspect.

Investigators are asking anyone else with information to contact the police or Crime Stoppers.

Police say Michael Finlay's death is the fourth Toronto homicide of the year.

With information from CBC