Police investigate suspected hateful knife threat on Toronto subway

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Police Investigate Suspected Heinous Knife Threat in Toronto Subway

The assault took place between Vaughan Metropolitan Center and West Finch stations, according to the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

The Toronto Police Service (TPS) has launched an investigation after a Muslim woman was threatened with a knife by a man on a subway train.< /p>

WARNING : The details described in this text may offend the sensibilities of some readers.

In an email to Radio-Canada, police confirmed the incident reported Monday by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCMC). According to the description the organization posted on Twitter, the hijab-wearing woman was riding the subway between Vaughan Metropolitan and West Finch stations on March 9 when a man approached her. her and bombarded her with questions about her religion.

The man then said, You know what we do with people like you? before drawing a large knife that he took from his backpack, the statement continues.

The survivor ran for her life in several subway cars until until a passerby helped by triggering the emergency alarm on the train, the statement said.

Police have not released any details of the incident. However, law enforcement ensures they are reviewing TTC camera footage.

Our Hate Crimes Unit is also notified and specialist officers from this unit will support the incident. x27;investigation as needed, TPS adds.

The CNMC has released the account of the alleged victim, who is identified in it as Sara.

I never thought something like this could happen on public transport in front of all these people, says the woman.

“The moment I saw him pull out his knife, I ran until I am out of breath and have a stranger help me. I have never been so scared in my life. I hope the police find this man, take him into custody and help him not to do this to other Muslim women again.

—Sara, alleged assault victim

CNMC CEO Nadia Hasan describes what happened as a brazen Islamophobic attack on a young Muslim woman who was just trying to go about her daily business.

This n& #x27;is not the first time we have witnessed an Islamophobic attack on a Muslim woman who wears the hijab on public transport, she adds.

“There is a problem in this country where the spaces that most Canadians take for granted are simply not safe for Muslim women and people of color. The recent wave of attacks in the CTT is alarming. It's time to change.

— Nadia Hassan, CEO of the National Council of Canadian Muslims

This call to action came the same day Toronto police announced that #x27;it reduced its presence on the public transport network.

Nearly 80 additional police officers had been deployed since late January to patrol the TTC system after a series of violent incidents.

Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie, in a tweet released late Monday afternoon, says Islamophobia is unacceptable everywhere in Toronto, including on our public transit systems.

I am extremely disturbed by the incident described by the CNMC today, she wrote there. She adds that she has contacted Toronto police who have confirmed that they are investigating this matter with the cooperation of [the TTC].

“People should be able to use public transport without fear of violence, threats or hatred.

— Jennifer McKelvie, Deputy Mayor of the City of Toronto

York South-Weston MPP Michael Ford also condemned the incident on Twitter .

Islamophobia and hatred of any kind are unacceptable and have no place in Ontario. My thoughts are with the woman who experienced this horrific incident, he wrote.

I am confident that the Toronto police will spare no effort in investigating this incident in its entirety.

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