Police protection taken to road safety measures, despite the increase in the number of accidents (PHOTO)

Полиция защищает предпринятые для безопасности дорог меры, несмотря на увеличение количества аварий (ФОТО)

The chief of police of Toronto mark Sanders defends has taken measures to ensure road safety, noting that all staff share responsibility in this matter.

Comments Sanders is a reaction to how a week ago the police asked for
$1 million addition to its budget to hire a highway patrol officer to be responsible for its work to reduce the number of accidents and to replace the team which was disbanded in 2013. This Department worked from 2003 to 2012.

Sanders also reminded the people about collective responsibility on the roads.

Sanders also stressed that the city increased the number of accidents since the team was disbanded. The number of fines also fell about 50% from 400,000 to 200,000.

At the moment, in Toronto, died on the roads 34 pedestrian, and about 1,100 were injured in the accident. Many of the victims aged over 65 years.

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