Police seek public help after businessman murdered

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Police seek public assistance after murder of businessman

Ariel Kaplan was 32.

Durham Regional Police in suburban Toronto are investigating who abducted and killed the man businessman Ariel Kaplan after dining out in August 2021 in Toronto's upscale Yorkville neighborhood.

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His human remains were found in May 2022 in a hockey bag floating in a private roadside pond in Uxbridge.

The autopsy confirmed it was murder.

According to Durham Regional Police, the businessman dined with acquaintances at a restaurant in Yorkville on August 29, 2021 after 9 p.m. He would have been kidnapped the same evening in the area of ​​the Yonge and Sheppard arteries in Toronto, adds the police in a press release.

Mr. Kaplan, who lived in Richmond Hill, was reported missing in September 2021.

The latter feared for his safety at the time, according to the police, who would like to speak to any person who had been in contact with him in the weeks preceding his disappearance as well as the other guests at the meal of August 29, 2021 and the restaurant employees who remember him.

Police do not name the restaurant in their statement.

From [people we] interviewed, we know that Mr. Kaplan had ties to Russian communities and Jews in Toronto and that he did business with members of the Somali, Italian and Mexican communities, police say. We are seeking to identify the perpetrators, but also to exclude those unrelated to his murder.

Police say the victim worked in the industries of ;real estate and construction. There is no indication at this time, according to the police, that he was linked to organized crime.

Mr. Kaplan, however, was arrested in May 2021 in connection with the theft of a truck whose trailer contained, according to the police, stolen office supplies and washing machines, among others. Investigators do not know if these events are linked to his abduction and murder.

With information from CBC

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