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Police shoot at a woman making a terrorist threat in Paris

The police opened fire on a woman threatening and advocating terrorism in Paris. the François Mitterrand Library station, at Paris, this Tuesday October 31. The injured woman was killed. evacuated and his vital prognosis is in jeopardy.

Police intervention and shots fired. This Tuesday, October 31, the presence of a woman uttering threats and advocating terrorism was revealed. reported in the BibliothèFrançois Mitterrand metro and RER station, in Paris. The police intervened and isolated the victim. the threatening woman in the station evacuated of all her travelers. The events took place around 8:30 a.m.

The woman wearing the full veil according to the details of BFMTVrefused to obey the orders of the police and the latter fearing for their safety in view of the threats opened fire several times, around 9:20 a.m. depending on the timing reported by the continuous news channel. The author of the threats was injured in the stomach and has since been injured. Evacuated by firefighters. The vital prognosis of the author of the threats is at risk. according to the Paris prosecutor's office.

The threat of 39;an explosion

Among the threats made, some warned of an explosive device. The woman would also have indicated wanting to “blow everything up” according to information from independent journalist Clément Lanot. The prosecution specifies that she threatened to blow herself up. After checking the premises, no explosive objects were found. found reports BFMTV.

Two surveys were carried out. open to following the police operation at the station: the first was entrusted to the Paris judicial police for apology, death threats and acts of intimidation against a representative of the authority public, the second concerns the use of weapons by the police and intentional violence and returns to IGPN. This procedure is put in place as soon as police officers open fire.

Security reinforced facing the terrorist threat

This terrorist threat occurs in a climate that is still under tension. If threats of this ilk and false alarms continue the bomb that hit schools, airports and even the Château de Versailles almost daily over the last two weeks seem to be fewer in number, the authorities continue to take all necessary measures to face the risk of #39;a terrorist attack.

France is still placed in “attack emergency”, the highest level of emergency. of the Vigipirate plan, since October 13 and the terrorist attack that occurred in a high school in Arras. This fear of the terrorist threat has also influenced certain decisions and the organization of the various events. On the eve of the incident at the François Mitterrand Library station, the TF1 channel announced that the NRJ Music Awards ceremony scheduled for November 10 will not take place live. The awards ceremony and show will be recorded live. under the conditions of a live broadcast earlier in the day then broadcast at the same time. the screen the same evening, to avoid possible attempted attacks targeting the event indicates Le Parisien. TF1 would also think about a similar system for the new season of Star Academy which begins on November 4.

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