Polish jumpers offended by Adam Małysz for the dismissal of Michał Doleżal. Did the gentlemen finally get along?


Adam Małysz was then ignored by all Polish players from Planica.

 Polish jumpers offended by Adam Małysz for dismissing Michał Doleżal. Did the gentlemen finally get along?

& ldquo; a meeting of the Presidium of the Board of the Polish Ski Association, at which the functioning of all PZN National Teams in the coming season was presented and decisions were made about the direction of ski jumping & rdquo; & ndash; written by PZN.

Polish jumpers offended by Adam Małysz? March events cannot be forgotten

The most important element of the meeting was the non-renewal of the contract with Michał Doleżal, as well as his assistants and technical coaches, who are members of the training team of the Men's National Team in the 2021/2022 season.

Michal Doleżal was the coach of the Polish national team in ski jumping since March 2019. At first, he also worked with Poles for three years, as an assistant to Stefan Horngacher, who chose the German offer a few years ago.

Now the media reports that everything indicates a positive solution to the unpleasant situation between the Polish national team and Adam Małysz, which everyone ostentatiously ignored in March in protest against the dismissal of their coach Michał Doleżal.

The photo posted on Twitter indicates an improvement atmosphere and relations between the Polish ski jumping legend and the strongest group of current ski jumping representatives in our country.

Remember that last weekend, memorable in & oacute; The World Cup in Planica resulted in a rather tight atmosphere between our jumpers and the new president of PZPN, Adam Małysz.

Now Super Express reports that Dawid Kubacki admitted in an interview with journalists that after the arrival of Adam Małysz they all sat down to talk together which resulted in reaching an agreement and explaining all the pains and injuries.

As the jumper admitted, they could not change anything at the time due to the dismissal of their coach, and now they have to focus on working with the new coach in the new season – […] As far as I am concerned, this topic was finished after my return from Planica. The milk has spilled, nothing has improved, so why bore it. Especially since everything has become clear. We have a new coach, we have someone to work with and we started working. We did not discuss what was anymore, because it would not change anything – said the athlete.


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