Polyvalente Le Carrefour: a quarrel between teenagers would have degenerated

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Polyvalente Le Carrefour: a quarrel between teenagers would have degenerated

The high school Le Carrefour was in confinement on Tuesday after -midi (archives).

In the aftermath of confinement at the École polyvalente Le Carrefour, in Gatineau, on Tuesday afternoon, the Center de services scolaire des Draveurs (CSSD) explains that these are “serious enough” threats made by a former student at the school. x27;against a student currently attending school which led teachers to alert the police.

The threats were made at lunchtime and in front of witnesses, who in turn went to inform management, said Manon Dufour, the director general of the Center for services scolaire des Draveurs (CSSD), in an interview with Radio-Canada.

The management immediately dialed 911. And in collaboration with the [Gatineau] police department, we triggered the code white, because we did not know if this individual was going to enter the school, come to our field or if he was alone or accompanied, said Ms. Dufour.

Manon Dufour, director general of the Center de services scolaire des Draveurs (archives)

I thought it was a prank or just a practice, said Rosalie Leblanc-Picard, student at Le Carrefour high school.

At the beginning, in the science class next to us, we had shouted saying that it was the police. Then they knocked on our door, they said something and I don't remember what they said but we don't really know what happened, she continued.

Rosalie Leblanc-Picard is a student at Le Carrefour high school.

Later in the day, the Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) indicated on Twitter that there were no armed suspects in the high school and no injuries, contrary to rumors that began to flourish on the networks. social.

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Students and school staff were gradually able to make their way out after the lockdown was lifted.

I'm proud and satisfied with the way people have handled code white inside the school, insisted the general director of the CSSD.

Three people were arrested following foot chases in the Center Slush Puppie sector in Gatineau. They have been released and could face charges soon. For the time being, data collection continues, the SPVG said on Wednesday.

Similarly, on Wednesday morning, Gatineau police officers returned to the x27;school, Ms. Dufour said.

Police officers answered students' questions [Wednesday] morning and additional resources were deployed for anxious students from yesterday who need to speak to someone today.

The students interviewed by Radio-Canada say they feel safe in their establishment.

It's still well protected. It's the funto know that. Even the students have difficulty moving through the corridors, because the doors have to be opened, said student Fabien Chaay.

Fabien Chaay attends high school Le Carrefour.

In a press scrum on Wednesday morning, Gatineau Mayor France Bélisle briefly commented on the events of the previous day.

Personally, I know a teenager who frequents Le Carrefour and I was worried myself. On the other hand, the police services did their job. Me, as mayor, I don't have debriefing with the police on these elements, it's our director general who takes care of that and the links with the police. But […] I would rather see young people dreaming than squatting silently in a classroom, she said.

With information from Ismaël Sy, Rebecca Kwan and Camille Kasisi-Monet

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