Pope Francis speaks about his abdication. Will there be another conclave soon?


Is Pope Francis considering his abdication?

 Pope Francis is speaking about his abdication. Will there be another conclave soon

As the” Super Express “portal reminds us, for some time there have been rumors that Pope Francis decides to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor and how he abdicates. There was so much speculation that Francis himself decided to speak on the matter. Should we expect his resignation this August?

Rumors and Pope Francis abdication

In mid-June, the Vatican began booming with rumors that Pope Francis would decide to abdicate. It has been speculated that this could happen in August this year. Information about the possible departure of the pope was repeated by many foreign correspondents, citing evidence to confirm this thesis.

For a long time, Pope Francis was consistently silent about the emerging rumors. The fuel of rumors was also added by the fact that the Holy Father, for health reasons, postponed his visit to Africa, and an extraordinary congress of church hierarchs was called for August.

Finally, Francis decided to refer to the rumors that circulated throughout the Vatican world. In an interview with the Reuters news agency, the Pope admitted that abdication is not something he does not take into account. He added that although he is not considering such a step at the moment, in the future “B & oacute; g will say” whether he should do it or not.

Let us recall that Francis' predecessor, Benedict XVI, announced his abdication on February 11, 2013 year. Pope Benedict XVI decided to take this step due to his deteriorating health.

 Pope Francis is speaking about his abdication. Will there be another conclave soon

Do you think that in the coming months we will hear that the second pope has decided to abdicate?


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