Popular beliefs about money, thanks to which money “runs away” from us


March 17, 2020, 8:37 p.m. | Business

Swap them and the money will flow to you.

Popular beliefs about money, thanks to which money is

Limiting beliefs bind us in a vise. Often we are not even aware of their true power, and they can both reset and revive. A negative money attitude is an unconscious blocking of a monetary resource, informs Ukr.Media.

We surveyed people and created ten popular restrictions and beliefs about money. Let's figure out what they lead to and how to change them to positive attitudes.

Letting money into the wind

«You can you imagine, my friend bought a sofa for 25,000, and the repair itself cannot be completed. Throws money in the wind!».

When you say this phrase, the energy of money is dispersed and cannot be collected in one place. There are two meanings here. "Let money in" is about energy exchange. “Money in the wind” — means to spend money aimlessly, in vain, allowing it, figuratively, to fly in different directions.

Change this attitude to the opposite: “Money sticks to me and is happy to stay with me.” Imagine how you stand, so tasty and sweet, and money flies to you and sticks. You feel a pleasant excitement from each other, and the more pleasure inside, the more money around.

Money is always in short supply

We often use this phrase unconsciously. For example, a friend complains that she got into debt with a car or a fur coat. And you tell her instructively: “Well, there's always not enough money for something.” Don't take a loan for every occasion.

It seems that the link in this phrase is good, but it is said by you, so it will work for you. It is you who will face the fact that there is always not enough money.

If you live with this attitude, then money is most likely hiding from you. The phrase means “I don't grab”, that is, I can't grab the money. At some point, you will notice that you do not have enough for basic products.

Change this attitude to the opposite: “Money sticks to me and is happy to stay with me.” Imagine how you stand, so tasty and sweet, and money flies to you and sticks. You feel a pleasant excitement from each other, and the more pleasure inside, the more money around.

Money comes with hard work

Variation: "In order to have a lot of money, you have to work hard".

"Son, you should do your homework. After all, in order to earn a lot of money, you need to work hard,'' we say, imposing this belief not only on ourselves, but also on our children.

According to the pyramid of levels, you can see that money is obtained by hard physical labor only at the level of survival. The more you develop mentally, physically and spiritually, the easier it is to get money. At the top of the pyramid, money comes by itself.

To change this attitude, say: "The more I develop, the more money comes to me", or "Money comes to me easily and with pleasure".< /p>

Money corrupts a person

"Look, the neighbor bought a house for himself. Rides a jeep. Yesterday he came to the store, looked at me and did not say hello. No matter what you say, money spoils a person.

With this phrase, you are telling the universe that you are afraid of money. You are afraid of becoming spoiled. This is how you program yourself that money will always spoil.

Replace this attitude with a positive one: "Money is good for me".

Money flows out like water

«Eh, money flows out like water, – said the girl sadly, looking into her purse, – always like that!».

< p>And the truth is, if money is water, how can you keep it? Yes, water can be contained, but it can contain you. Imagine that you are swimming in a huge ocean, you feel good, comfortable, you feel how the currents of water envelop you, and the sun shines, blessing, and you solemnly say: “I am swimming in the ocean of money, they are with me, they are everywhere.” They swim to me.

You can't earn money with honest work

When we say this phrase, we disconnect ourselves from the spiritual financial flow. We seem to proclaim: no matter how honestly I work, there will still be no money.

Replace this phrase with the following: "Big money is great spirituality, big money is great awareness". Imagine yourself as a guru, wise and aware. Visualize the flow of money that happily flows to you.

Haven't lived richly, there's nothing to start with

More variations: « There were no rich people in our family, or “It is not clear why you are so rich and lucky”.

This setup is often aired by our beloved moms and dads, grandparents. Disconnecting us on an unconscious level from the wealth of our kind. Forgive them. They speak of the fear of those generations that survived the revolution, disenfranchisement, war and repression.

Let me accept everything they say, let it pass through me and answer: "Yes, I am the guide of our happiness and wealth or “A powerful woman is an inspiration to a rich man”.

Money is not a toy for children

We speak instructively when we take our wallet from the kid with a smile. So, firstly, we program that easy money will definitely not come to the child, she will earn it by the sweat of her brow, and secondly, we block her cash flow. What should we do?

We are training. And instead of this phrase, we say the following: "The earlier a child starts playing with money, the more successful, wiser and richer he will become".

Money is like manure today no, but tomorrow – visa

More variations: "Money is paper, cotton candy", "Money is dirt".

Familiar expressions? Try to substitute the name of your friend or acquaintance instead of money. It doesn't turn out very well, does it?

Let's think from an adult position, from a position of responsibility. For example, if you treat someone the same way, that person is unlikely to want to talk to you. So is the energy of money. " Well, you don't want to, as you want. I'll go where they want me,'' as if she were answering you.

Get into the habit of saying: "Respecting money, I respect myself", "Money is a universal good".

Make it a rule to thank the universe every day for a found hryvnia, an unexpected discount and even a gift jar of jam. There should be at least three thanks and so on within 100 days.

There is no money

More variations: "There is no money and no will be”, “I don't have money for it”, “We don't have money now”.

We say this phrase almost every day. Out loud or about yourself, it doesn't matter. This phrase is the most difficult to work with. To assert the opposite with firmness and confidence inside, one must really have a “financial cushion” behind one's shoulders. To do this, save 10% of your income every month. I advise you not to spend this “money magnet”. Remember, money goes to money.

Instead of a negative belief, say: "I always have money", "I have more money than my desires". Let this phrase become your motto.


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