Popular sales hacks that will make you spend more than you planned


November 20, 2019, 22:25 | Business

Some nuances of trade that sellers use to make you 100% buy the item.

Popular life hacks sellers that will make you spend more than you planned

Marketers think through every little thing: the design of the room, the shelves, the arrangement of things. Even the music and the smell in the store should make customers stay here. How to save your money? Below are some popular life hacks, informs Ukr.Media.

The quality of clothes in stock stores may be lower

Stocks are popular among buyers who want to buy a quality item, but at the same time not overpay. But real clothes of famous brands are not always delivered to these stores. Small drains are usually filled with fakes, which are noticeably inferior to the quality of the original. Before buying, pay attention to the seams of the product, the density of the fabric and the saturation of the color. These signs are the easiest to recognize a fake.

Often, low-quality copies of well-known brands are made in China from cheaper raw materials. Expensive clothes that did not have time to sell out are usually simply unprofitable to transport from warehouses to drains. Some big manufacturers who have their own outlet stores even order whole batches of low-quality copies of their stuff from China themselves because it's cheaper.

Fitting room curtains are hung for a reason

In many clothing stores in the fitting room, you can see curtains that cover each of the booths. It is not very convenient to use them: you always feel that some part of your body is under general inspection. Therefore, you try to try on clothes as soon as possible. In fact, the curtains are installed there for a reason. They increase the store's sales by creating a sense of artificial rush.

The buyer does not have time to examine the clothes and think whether he needs the chosen item. He measures it, sees that it fits well and immediately decides to buy it. Sometimes, even in large stores, there are few fitting rooms. This also increases sales. You will rush to clear the booth and buy anything that fits you well.

Contact with the product increases sales

Sellers in stores constantly offer customers to try on clothes. The whole point is that contact with the thing significantly increases the chances of its sale. This trick is all about sensory marketing. The seller gives you maximum attention: brings things of other sizes, compliments, takes away unnecessary clothes. You will feel guilty if you end up abandoning the purchase. Because of this, you will buy goods even if you don't really need them.

Cheap goods are usually found in the back of the store

The same principle works here as in many grocery stores: clothes or shoes with discounts are on the lower shelves. The most expensive and popular items from the new collections are brought to the fore. You can see them right at the entrance to the store. But do not rush to take them. Walk inside the room, look at the goods laid out on corner stands and lower shelves. They are cheaper than those located in the center of the trading floor.

Bright lighting is the key to good sales

Bright lighting is another trick that can increase sales of certain items. The most expensive things are usually located directly under the light sources. Lamps attract the attention of buyers. Buyers approach shelves and hangers that are better lit much more often.

Pay attention to the price tags

Sellers do not always try to sell you the best and cheapest product. They are more interested in their own bonuses. This trick is usually popular in home appliance stores. On the price tags there you can see inconspicuous signs, for example, dashes, dots or stripes. Their number indicates the bonus that the consultant will receive for selling it. The more goods with such price tags he sells, the higher the bonus to his salary will be. Of course, these things are not always of poor quality. But try not to be guided by the seller's opinion when choosing a product.

In addition, you should not wait for holiday discounts and sales. Prices start to rise in all home appliance stores from the end of November. They are deliberately inflated several times to make it "profitable" a discount In fact, not only will you not save, but you will also overpay. If you want to buy gifts for the New Year at a good price, do it in October and early November.

Speed ​​retarder in stores increases sales

< p>When you enter the store, you may notice that the shelves and hangers are arranged in an extremely inconvenient manner. Because of this, buyers have to push and are constantly delayed. This also increases sales. When developing the design of the trading floor, marketers deliberately set up a “speed retarder”: tables, racks in the aisles, screens. Their main job is to make you slow down. You'll start looking at things on the shelves and want to buy them.

Avoid Black Friday Deals

Many people look forward to Black Friday, the main day of sales around the world. But it is unlikely that you will be able to save on shopping. Shopping networks have long come up with a lot of tricks that make people leave more money in stores. For example, they deliberately inflate the price of goods by 2-2.5 times. Then they make a 50% discount on it.

Accordingly, you think that you are saving on the purchase, but as a result, you also overpay. Moreover, some large stores pre-order batches of low-quality clothing for the sales season. At the same time, these things are sold at the price of branded products.

Do not wear new clothes without mending them

During transportation, most of the clothes are treated with chemical mixtures. They help protect the fabric from mold. Therefore, always wash things after purchase. Chemical mixtures in contact with the skin can cause a strong allergic reaction. In addition, you do not know where the thing has been before the purchase. For example, sometimes sellers throw clothes in a common pile on the floor for sorting.

You should not go to cafes located next to the store

< p>After shopping, you'll definitely want to grab a bite to eat and rest for a while. But try to avoid cafes. As a rule, people spend 20% more if they shop in shopping centers with a developed restaurant area. To attract customers, such establishments spray pleasant smells around the premises.

For example, walking past a cafe, you can smell the aroma of chocolate, freshly baked bread, coffee or vanilla. You will immediately think about what you want to eat. At the same time, the prices in such institutions are greatly inflated. Because of this, your costs will increase significantly.

The mirror in the fitting room often "lies"

The better the item sits on you, the higher the chance that you will buy it. Retail chain owners know this, so all fitting rooms have bright, unnatural lighting. Also, the mirror can “lie” to you. Pay attention to the edges. If they are slightly curved, then the mirror visually makes you slimmer.

Do not pick up the product if you do not want to buy it

< p>If you are not sure that you want to buy an item, never pick it up. Sellers often offer to touch them to appreciate the softness of the fabric, the naturalness of the materials and other advantages. Try to politely refuse.

By offering you to touch the product, consultants resort to the psychological effect of the feeling of owning the thing. As soon as we touch it, we already feel this thing as our property. Accordingly, you are more likely to resist and buy it.


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