Porsche began to produce branded ice cream (video)


Porsche launches signature ice cream (video )

Porsche has created a total of five signature ice creams. The color of its glaze exactly recreates the color of various models of the German brand.

Porsche have opened up a new field of activity for themselves. The German automaker decided to release branded ice cream. This is reported by the Porsche official website.

Porsche launches branded ice cream (video)

Porsche ice cream was created in collaboration with Pretty Cool Ice Cream from Chicago. The owner of the company is a fan of the German brand from an early age, because her uncle has been repairing and restoring classic Porsches for 50 years.

Porsche launch branded ice cream (video)

The first batch was released for Ice Cream Day, which is celebrated in the USA on the third Sunday of July (July 17 this year). The ice cream recipes have been carefully selected to recreate the signature body colors of different Porsche models.

Five varieties of Porsche ice cream have been created:

  • Mint Green (the color of the Porsche 911) – an ice cream with mint cookies and white chocolate;
  • Strawberry Red (Porsche 356) – cheese ice cream with strawberry pieces and strawberry glaze;
  • Macadamia Metallic Chocolate (Porsche 911 Turbo) – sundae with chocolate-coated macadamia nuts;
  • Ruby Frozen Berry Metallic (Porsche Taycan color) – chocolate-coated frozen blackberry juice;
  • Yellow Lime Gold Metallic (Porsche Boxster color) – sundae with lime flavor and caramel glaze.


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