Possible changes in benefits. Will there be double pensions for the chosen ones?

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A draft act was submitted to the Seym concerning, inter alia, pensions for widows and widowers.

Possible changes in benefits. Will there be double pensions for the chosen ones

The death of a spouse is always very difficult, not only because of emotional loss, but also because of changes in life that include & oacute; also finance.

Portal & ldquo; MSN & rdquo; states that politicians will soon settle this matter in a way that is more favorable to people.

Until now, after the death of the spouse, you can either stay with your own pension or go to a survivor's pension, which amounts to 85% of the deceased's pension. In many cases, neither of these situations is beneficial and makes life difficult for lonely seniors who have to cover all their own expenses for which they do not always have enough money.

 Possible changes to benefits. Will there be double pensions for the chosen ones

Widows in particular, who tend to have lower benefits due to breaks in their work, are more difficult? for raising children.

& ldquo; The problem concerns a large group of seniors, estimated at over 1,300,000 people & oacute; b & rdquo; & ndash; given by the chairman of the Board of the Polish Pension Association of Rencist and Inwalid & oacute; w.

Therefore, a draft was submitted to the Seym, which envisages the possibility of widows and widowers receiving both benefits, with the proviso that one of them will amount to 25%. A similar solution is in place, among others, in Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy.

For the time being, the act is pending, but the rulers seem to be quite sympathetic to it. So it is possible to introduce such provisions.

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