Postage stamps can be worth a lot. Better to check your harvest for valuable specimens

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Collectors are willing to pay a fortune for old-time stamps.

 Postage stamps can be worth a lot. Better check your collections for valuable items

Hobbies of collecting postage stamps and objects related to Philately, such as occasional date stamps, whole pieces and postage totals of his time was very fashionable. Although in recent years it has somewhat lost its popularity, many people are still fascinated by this topic looking for old specimens.

Portal & ldquo; News & rdquo; states that some stamps are worth a fortune to the surprise of their owners. So let's check your old collections or the preserved envelopes or cards from the old days. Currently, they can be sold with great profit. At auctions, some postage stamps are auctioned for up to PLN 300,000.

There are of course also many private sales offers on the Internet. Old stamp albums can be sold for a few hundred zlotys.

Unique items are the most worthwhile. As with coins, collectors look for stamps printed with errors.

 Postage stamps can be worth a lot. Better check your collections for valuable specimens

PRL's most expensive stamp

The most valued specimen from the times of & oacute; in the Polish People's Republic is & ldquo; Boxer Reverse & oacute; in & rdquo; from 1956. It comes from a misprinted stamp sheet from the Melbourne Olympics series of that year. The stamp shows two fighting boxers, and the face value of the stamp and the inscription POCZTA POLSKA are printed upside down.

A dozen years ago, at a philatelic auction in New York, the starting price of this stamp was USD 15,000. ; w.

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