Potap fell in love with Nastya Kamenskih after a quarrel

Potapov said when he confessed his love to Nastya Kamenskih. As it turned out, it happened after one of their fights.

Потап признался в любви Насте Каменских после одной из ссор

Potap and Nastya Kamensky met in 2006, and then began to work in Duo. For anybody not a secret that the first impression of the artists about each other left much to be desired. The singer wanted to leave the project as the fans noticed just a singer. Besides the singer not once spoken negatively about the lyrics, the author of which was made by her colleague. This behavior annoyed the captain, however, celebrity did not stop to speak together.

When the singer contract was coming to an end, the rapper realized that he will miss her. Potapov also said when he confessed his love to Nastya Kamenskih. As it turned out, this happened after a quarrel. The artist came to her in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication and admitted: “I love you. Will not let go! You are mine.” The next morning they were on the same plane, where the singer was asked if he remembered their words yesterday. Songwriter gave a negative answer. However, as he shared in an interview with the online edition the-flow.ru that was when his beloved formed an open power contact.

Potap admitted he knew immediately that Kamensky will change his life and thanks to her he had the meaning of life. Fans of the celebrities knew about their relationship, but the artists themselves were not in a hurry to disclose this information. The couple tied the knot on 18 October 2018, 23 may 2019, the musician released the song “the Constant”, dedicated to his wife.

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