Potap has published funny pics with Winnick and Polyakova

Potapov, Olga Polyakov and Oleg Vinnik decided in their own original way to promote the sequel to the popular Ukrainian Comedy “Skujene wedding music 2”, producer of which is a TV host Yuri Gorbunov. Note that in Ukraine the new film appears on December 25. Moreover, to the musical accompaniment of the film re-joined the farm. It Alexey Potapenko and Alexey Zavgorodniy (Positive from the group “Time and Glass”) acted as a DJ of film. And created a soundtrack called “CB2”.

Потап опубликовал забавное фото с Винником и Поляковой

His memories from recording the new track also shared Potap. So, on his page in the network instagram, the Ukrainian rapper has posted a photo, which also pose winnick and Polyakov. It turned out that Vladimir Vinnik recorded a new song called “Holy! Holy! Holy!”.

“The other castin “Skazanego wedding” VI pobachiti znajomych and Ulublena Geroyiv and the axis if mi pracovali on the soundtrack , mi znovu sustis s Oleg I recorded neimovirna svatkovo pisnyu, Yak nazivaetsa “Holy! Holy! Holy!” won the first mill Golovnin soundtrack FLA I nastupaushim Holy usih! But we thought, what blows we have PDR, Mauger zrobilo trio, Yak-that seem our salad Bula potrebna gas station, and hto have divchina-Holy ? Of Course Polyakova! Olya received his Sharma , a drive Wisla super trio — namomi, just fantasticni, Museum, Oleg, I Nedosekina mega fun Olga I. Potapov, TSE bude ROCKET!! Folk trio the Big Prem RA songs that CPU budesa 5 grudnia!” — writes about a new collaboration with Potap.

Fans of the rapper was quick to leave feedback:

  • “Polyakov then just vicinale Miu vsih “vouching”
  • “Winnick is shorter than Oli leg”
  • “Oli’s legs longer than the whole Oleg”
  • “I now finally zrozumia who Oleg Vinnik similar!! The Prince s Shrek”
  • “Snapple”
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