Potap touching turned to ex-wife

The producer turned to his ex-wife from a page in Instagram

Потап трогательно обратился к экс-супруге

Potap became the real winner of the award M1 Music Awards. Of course! Because his team, the group “Time and Glass” grabbed three figurines — group of the year, song of the year, Favorite year. In addition, two awards and took home the wife of producer Nastya Kamensky, and one of them rapper got instead, after the singer stormed off a live broadcast of the “X-factor”. It is noteworthy that the ceremony Potap posed willingly in the company of ex-wife and business partner, producer Irina gorovyy, and support of star parents came to their son Andrew and daughter-in rapper, Natasha Biol. Another reason to turn to their family for a creative producer was the anniversary of his pupils – group “Time Sec”. On this occasion, he wrote a detailed post in Instagram, which mentally turned to the ex-spouse.

The rapper said that exactly 9 years ago in the Ukrainian show-business there was a group which was destined to pass a difficult career, is now to Shine on a musical Olympus of the country. A huge role was played by the former wife of the captain, and the entire crew of their label Мozgi Еntertainment.

“Today, exactly 9 years ago, in one of Kiev clubs the presentation of the project under the strange name of “Time and Glass”. I always knew that these three words will win the country and the city, will change the course of music history, will become the thought leaders of the decade, but what would REALLY! My love for Positivity and Nadia Dorofeeva is truly infinite, I am learning from them every day and congratulate them with incredible joy, because they have turned from “who of you time and which of you a glass?” to “please, at least one ticket for “Vislovo”!” proudly wrote Potap.

“Thank you so much, always believe in you Gorovoy Irina, for group loyalty, honesty and constant upgrade myself and our company, thank you so much moms, our @mozgientertainment and @mozgi_group and of course the Fans! It’s your 9 years old! Did you lived with us, passed this is no longer a small way we are effusive in gratitude to You! Thanks lisovtsy! PS In 2020, the year of jubilee for the group “Time and Glass”, IAS are all in for something amazing! Keep patience and prepare, the tale moves into a new phase!” — he promised.

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