Potapov frankly told about serious quarrels with Kamensky

The couple star Potap and Nastya Kamensky — a true example of love and harmony. They are always together, even during the morning runs, and are not shy to show gentle feelings to each other in public and in social networks. However, at the beginning of their cooperation within the framework of the duet “Potap and Nastya” 11 years ago, it was not so smooth.

Потап откровенно рассказал о серьезных ссорах с Каменских

He openly admitted that they are strongly quarreled with Nastya, and the reason was his envy.

“I was jealous of her success. I wrote, suffered her Studio — she and her show-off came: “I will not sing. What kind of shoddy *** [garbage] — “Nepara-Zapara,” two pritopa, three prihlopa?”. And then went to a joint concert where I screamed: “Hey, you’re not the Bazaar, let it sing.” Wow I was mad! It is time to wave your hair — and its all love! And I? That’s unmet ego has aroused the envy and hatred of her. I came up with this! She, bitch, taking everything?” — said Potapov.

According to the artist, he even thought about finishing their joint project.

“And she saw that I was wrong. Always stuck out me forward: “what am I? Here Alex”. And this indulgence to me, I was annoyed even more. I wanted to finish this project. Then I was approached by a girl from a group of angel-a: “how is it she?”. I was like, “Yeah right.” “You’re not jealous?”. “Me? Jealous? Pfff!”. “Well, you’re not envious, because the girl will always be more popular than the boy in the Duo”. And this phrase I was completely switched. I thought, “Damn, what have I puffed! She generally appeared in your life”. This period taught me to be visible on the stage — interesting, funny, unusual. And when I realized that I don’t have to compete with Nastya, we turned into a real superduet”, — shared the artist.

He also talked about the moments he realized that his feelings for Kamensky changed and she became more than just a colleague.

“We have had several such moments. First Nastia the contract ended, she called her producers, she decided to leave. I was so hurt by this. Not because I’m the owner. Not because we lost this Duo that I am half the time hated. I did not know why. I said, “To whom are you going?! Where?! So scram!”. But inside is a completely different reaction. Then there was a similar moment — I wanted to lose my friendship, and I was going to leave. And then came back, very drunk, and said to her: “I love you. Will not let go! You are mine.” I woke up on the plane, she told me: “do you remember what You said?”. Me: “No I don’t remember nothing.” And we started outdoor energy contact with each other, because it opened this door,” said the rapper.

Now the farm is totally happy and glad we decided to confess his feelings.

“Everyone who knows us know that we kiss, hug endlessly. Yesterday we were walking in the Park, the handle held — that the same energy was! When I saw Anastasia, I knew immediately: she is the woman who will change my life. So I all the time was rude. I realize now that I kept putting it off this moment was to succumb to those feelings and it happened. I got the meaning of life, I became a happy man,” said the musician.

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