Pour soda directly into the sock and start washing and other useful life hacks of the washing machine


    July 20, 2022, 18:36 | Science and technology

    In what cases is washing soda used? How to wash things from wool. How to wash terry towels.

    Pour soda directly into the sock and start washing and other useful laundry hacks

    A washing machine is a wonderful thing, but, unfortunately, it is not a panacea. Ideally, to deal with different types of dirt on different types of fabric, you need to have several grades of powder and other detergents. However, if you know a few secrets, you can get by even with improvised materials. For example, soda, ammonia and laundry soap will help improve the quality of washing. Moreover, in some cases it is advisable to wash things together with other items, for example, with a household sponge or a silicone brush for washing dishes, informs Ukr.Media.

    Below you will learn a few tricks that will help you not only cope with dirty things, but also extend the life of the washing machine.

    How to wash terry towels

    In order for terry towels to remain soft and pleasant to the touch, it is best to wash them in a mixture of household soap and baking soda. For this, you will need 2 tablespoons of soap, grated on a fine grater and 1 tablespoon of soda.

    Since soap and soda dissolve quite slowly, they can damage the washing machine (soda is abrasive, and undissolved soap flakes can settle on the drain system). Therefore, to protect the equipment, put a mixture of grated soap and soda in an ordinary sock, then tie it in a knot and put it in the towel drum. So all solid particles will remain inside the sock, and the soap-soda solution will successfully seep through the fabric and wash the towels.

    How to wash jeans

    In order for jeans to it is better to wash from a dense fabric, put a hard household sponge in the drum of the washing machine. It will help foam the washing powder and at the same time increase the pressure on the jeans, rotating together with them in the drum. So you can remove even deep stains! Just remember that this trick only works with thick denim, and a sponge can damage thin things.

    How to remove wool from clothes

    Pet owners know how difficult it is to get rid of their wool from clothes. Even after washing, pet hair often remains on the fabric. To avoid this, put a silicone brush for washing dishes with the clothes during washing. It will absorb the wool and will also help to foam the washing powder better. You can also try to find special washing balls on sale that work according to the same principle.

    How to wash with gel

    If you wash with gel, apply it to a napkin and place it in the drum with the clothes. This way you kill two birds with one stone! Firstly, the gel is used more economically, and secondly, the napkin collects lint and small debris.

    How to improve the quality of cheap powder

    If you need to wash things at a low temperature, and you use ultra-budget powder, then thoroughly dissolve it in water before washing (half a liter will be enough). After that, pour the solution into the powder compartment or simply into the drum. So you will know that your things are washed better, and the machine will save its resource.

    You can also increase the effectiveness of washing powder with the help of ammonia. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of powder into the desired compartment of the machine and add 50 ml of ammonia. With this combination, stains are better removed, and the fabric retains its color. However, for particularly heavy pollution, it is better to use oxygen bleach.

    By the way, do not forget to take care of the machine itself, because its condition directly affects the quality of washing. Yes, many people do not pay attention to the sealing rubber of the loading compartment. Lint can accumulate there, on which mold develops over time, due to which a musty smell appears. So periodically wash the sealing rubber with hydrogen peroxide.

    As you can see, washing is a creative process. And in order to master the art of proper washing, you need not only to experiment yourself, but also to carefully study the experience of other people.


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