Powerful prayer-amulet, which will close on 7 locks all the troubles

Мощная молитва-оберег, которая закроет на 7 замков все беды

In every person’s life there are problems, which aren’t dependent on us.

As soon as you start family dispute, failure to line up to you in turn, you are haunted by a constant sense of anxiety and a bad mood — you definitely need this prayer!

Prayer is the most affordable way to ask a Higher power for protection and protection. If your family discord began, setbacks coming one after the other, present constant anxiety and bad mood, protection is especially needed.

It often happens that after the appearance of the house some guests energy change for the worse, frequent conflicts, and the atmosphere of the cozy becomes hostile. To help yourself and your family in this case is not only possible, but necessary.

There is a certain type of people are called energy vampires. Wittingly or unwittingly, they steal life force. After talking with them, deteriorating health, exacerbated chronic illness, and what is worse — the person is deprived of protection against negative symptoms.

To protect your family with proven amulets. But there is protection and stronger — prayer “Seven crosses” will come to the aid of anyone.

A prayer-amulet to protect the home and family

Every word has a special power and is able to change the world. A subtle vibration to the space, can deprive of energy, and to confer the strongest protection. Prayer charm is a shield, reflecting the negative manifestations.

In order to activate protection, light the seven candles of the Church. Important and attitude. You need to ward off bad thoughts and to stop blaming someone else for your troubles and misfortunes. Higher power by themselves to elect punishment to those who would encroach on someone else and plotting.

Take your time, breathe deeply and steadily. Imagine that you and your home covers the transparent cocoon, shimmering from the excess energy. Direct all forces on it to stretch it over every member of the family, and also wrap your home. Seven times read the text of the prayer, baptizing of the space around them:

“The seven crosses of protection you put on yourself, your family and the home hearth. From the Holy spirit; from God; from his son Jesus; the virgin the great, the virgin who gave life; from a Guardian angel of his own, relentlessly following me; from dusk till dawn cross superimposed; from earth to heaven.

Closed crosses all the inputs from the unclean, hid us from evil. Seven locks on the house to put in his affliction, close, strength of the protective dam for the peace and comfort of our.

The first lock out of trouble; the second from the scourge of poverty and bezzola; the third is from the bitter tears shed; the fourth theft of black; a fifth from poverty; a sixth castle will be closed from disease; the seventh the entire space will be closed. The castles merge, key to the one God commit. Higher powers protect us, injustice banish. I believe in justice, good thoughts, open your soul. Amen.”

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