PQ candidates advocate courses for Aboriginals in their language | Elections Quebec 2022

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P&o;quiste candidates advocate courses for natives in their language | &Elections Québec 2022

Samuel Doré, PQ candidate in Abitibi-Ouest, and Jean-François Vachon, PQ candidate in Rouyn-Noranda/Témiscamingue, held their press briefing on education in front of Iberville Secondary School in Rouyn-Noranda.

The Parti Québécois candidate in Rouyn-Noranda-Témiscamingue, Jean-François Vachon, wants members of Indigenous communities to be able to take courses in their mother tongue.

Mr. Vachon also promises to collaborate with regional education stakeholders, should he be elected on October 3.

He launched this commitment on Friday morning, on day 20 of the electoral campaign for the October 3 provincial election, during a press conference organized near the Iberville secondary school, in Rouyn-Noranda.


Jean-François Vachon was accompanied by his colleague Samuel Doré, Parti Québécois candidate in Abitibi-Ouest.

It is the players in the community who will come up with the most interesting proposals. Instead of arriving with my ideas and being completely in the field, I prefer to work in collaboration with them and seek solutions with them, explains Mr. Vachon, former journalist for the newspapers La Frontière and Le Citoyen from Rouyn-Noranda.

He recently obtained a teaching diploma.

If he is full of ideas, Jean-François Vachon promises to promote those of representatives of school service centres, school administrators and teachers.

The candidate recalled that the PQ is committed to reducing the number of students per class and to revising the composition of the groups according to the learning difficulties and the student intervention plans.

He did not specify a target, preferring to determine the number of students per class after possible consultations.

The Parti Québécois also proposes d support children with learning disabilities differently by ensuring that they are followed up with intervention plans throughout their school career.

Samuel Doré, for his part, emphasized the shortage of teachers. He believes, like his colleague, that it is necessary to facilitate the hiring of graduates specialized in fields such as history, geography or literature.

There is only one model or almost to become a teacher, the famous four-year bachelor's degree and the qualifying master's degree. I think we can think outside the box to find other ways of doing things, says Mr. Doré.

Jean-François Vachon wants to ensure that First Nations people Nations can receive education in their mother tongue.

In Quebec, we protect our French language. It is normal that First Nations want to protect their languages ​​and it is important to give them this space in the world of education, he argues.

Mr. Vachon believes that such a measure for aboriginal people could contribute to the preservation of their culture and traditions.

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