PQ fervor is still alive in Camille-Laurin

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P&équiste fervor is still alive in Camille-Laurin

Chantal Côté has voted for the Parti Québécois since 1976. She supports Paul St-Pierre Plamondon in the riding of Camille-Laurin.

Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon's entry into the National Assembly is in the hands of the people of Camille-Laurin, the eastern riding of Montreal known as Bourget until x27; in 2022. Former ministers Camille Laurin, Diane Lemieux and Maka Kotto wore the colors of the Parti Québécois there. The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) won it in 2018, but the PQ fervor is still very present there.

Love, crisse: here is the message proudly worn by Chantal Côté on this gray September day on Hochelaga Street. The young activist who was at the Paul-Sauvé Center during the Parti Québécois' first election in 1976, remained a loyal supporter of the party founded by René Lévesque.

I am extremely atheist, but I pray every night, she confides, hoping that the Parti Québécois does not suffer the defeat in the National Assembly predicted by certain polls. I don't want the Parti Québécois to leave.

And she strongly wishes for the election of Paul St-Pierre Plamondon in her riding located in the east of the x27;Borough of Mercier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, near the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel. I find him brilliant, I find him smart, he's not arrogant. He has great ideas.

Chantal Côté fears a new division of the vote between Québec solidaire and the Parti québécois in her riding. In 2018, Richard Campeau of the CAQ was elected with 500 majority votes or 27% of valid ballots, compared to 26% for the Parti Québécois and 25% for Québec solidaire.

Last time I voted QS, but now I feel like I'm going to go back to PQ, says bowler Serge Deneault at the Domaine shopping center on the corner Sherbrooke and Granby streets. He credits Paul St-Pierre Plamondon with his decision to return to the Parti Québécois. He speaks well, his promises are really not olé olé, he is more down to earth than the others.

Bowler Serge Deneault plans to vote for the Parti Québécois in 2022, having voted for Québec solidaire in 2018 in the riding of Camille-Laurin.

No way for him to being influenced by his daughter Geneviève, a Conservative candidate in the neighboring riding of Anjou–Louis-Riel. Maybe if it had been in my county…, he admits.

Let's go back to Hochelaga Street. The owner of a community store with the evocative name, God did it again, is also full of praise for the leader of the Parti Québécois. He is someone who is very wise, says Pastor Pierre Déry. He is someone who has maturity too. When he speaks, when the words come out, that's something. He knows what to say, he is a gentleman, a citizen who speaks. That's already strong, because people like to hear good things.

Community Store Owner “God Made It again”, Pastor Pierre Déry

The sky is not cloudless for Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

Oh no no no, assures a passer-by leaving the pharmacy. In my opinion, it will be the CAQ which will return here, or Quebec solidaire. I wouldn't think so, the Parti Québécois has lost a lot of feathers, adds another passerby in a hurry.

I would very much like him to win, confides the saleswoman of #x27;a neighboring business. As he wants to defend French a lot, I think it will help him a lot to get votes.

For me, the future of the French language is the fundamental question of the national destiny of Quebec, explained Paul St-Pierre Plamondon at the local debate organized by the Collectif en environnement Mercier-Est on Tuesday. I want to wear it here, in Camille-Laurin, in Montreal. At the same time, he paid tribute to the father of Law 101, former Minister Camille Laurin, for having dislodged, in 1970, a former elected member of the Union Nationale. He also denounced the absence from the debate of the outgoing CAQ MP, Richard Campeau.

In a written statement sent to Radio-Canada, the Parti Québécois adds that the east of Montreal has always been fertile ground for the independence of Quebec and the defense of French. We are confident that the leader can prevail in the constituency, but we continue to run a campaign where he will be present on the ground. For now, the reception from citizens has been excellent.

The owner of the Micro PC+ computer store, Richard Binette, doubts that the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, will be elected deputy for Camille-Laurin on October 3.

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon has undoubtedly gained notoriety and been full of praise since the start of the election campaign, but that does not guarantee him anything on the evening of the 3 October.

It was probably one of the best at the leaders' debate, says the owner of the Micro PC Plus computer counter, Richard Binette. You can see that he works hard, he has good ideas, but in my opinion, he will not win, unfortunately.

Richard Binette has made his choice: We must give Caesar what is due to Caesar, he said, emphasizing the management of the pandemic of the Legault government. They handled the crisis, I think, very well, and another party couldn't have done better. The CAQ put on a good show, they put on a good four years, why not give it another four?

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