PQ member Marilou Vanier wants an energy transition on the North Shore | Elections Quebec 2022

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P&Équiste Marilou Vanier wants an energy transition on the North Shore | Élections Québec 2022

The Parti Québécois candidate aims to listen to the environmental community to bring their voice to Quebec .

PQ candidate for Duplessis, Marilou Vanier, presented her environmental priorities on Friday morning.

According to her, the energy transition of the Côte-Nord goes first and foremost through projects for the transformation of forest products. The candidate highlights in particular the contract signed between Rémabec and ArcelorMittal, which provides for the supply of pyrolytic oil to the Port-Cartier plant.

When I think of Arbec, for example, I tell myself that this is the kind of initiative that should be supported, she says.

The BioEnergie AE plant in Port-Cartier committed in May 2022 to supply 16 million liters of pyrolytic oil per year to the ArcelorMittal aluminum smelter (archives).

L he pyrolytic oil is produced from sawdust and shavings from the Côte-Nord sawmill. ArcelorMittal uses the fuel produced by the Rémabec group's Bioenergie AE plant to replace part of the heavy fuel oil consumed in its facilities.

We need to push to ensure that all the transformation by-products of this resource are exploited and maximized to their full potential, suggests Ms. Vanier.

In order to initiate the green energy transition she is promoting, the candidate recognizes the need to increase electricity traffic in the region. However, she categorically refuses that the Magpie River be harnessed.

“Dams as such are pretty much the most environmentally destructive method. »

— Marilou Vanier, Parti Québécois candidate in Duplessis

The PQ indicates that she will always listen to the will of the community if she is elected to the National Assembly. In the Magpie River file, she considers that the local authorities have spoken.

For the Magpie River, the elected officials were adamant: no. I will be as categorical as them in the National Assembly, she says.

The Magpie River was granted “legal personality” status in February 2021. Local stakeholders have warned the next government that they will not agree to the construction of hydroelectric dams on the river (archives).

What does she think of François Legault's proposal, which suggests improving certain dams like that of the Romaine?

For the moment, I do not want to comment … The consultations I have made with the community have barely begun, replied the PQ candidate.

It relies instead on the development of new sources of green energy to bring more electricity to the North Shore, particularly to companies that plan to make an energy shift in the short or medium term.

Let's look at wind, let's look at solar, let's look at energy efficiency first and foremost, she exclaims. To keep the circuits short and to produce energy where it is needed, the energy line must be shorter and therefore their costs less.

Ms. Vanier believes that an energy transition overseen by a PQ government could generate quality jobs in the province, particularly in mining companies on the North Shore.

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