Practical tips for night driving outside the city, which will make the trip safe


August 5, 2022, 13:01 | Auto

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Practical tips for a night drive outside the city that will a safe trip

In the summer, many motorists prefer not to postpone a trip outside the city for the weekend, as there is a risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam with the same "tricky" summer residents, and go on a trip at night on a weekday. However, the further your country house is from the city, the more risks should be taken into account on the night road. We will tell you which rules for a night trip will definitely not be superfluous, informs Ukr.Media.

Check the tank

Even if you are driving on a familiar road, it is worth paying attention to the amount of fuel you have left before the trip. It is one thing to run out of gas during the day on a deserted road and quite another to run out of gas at night in the middle of the forest. Remember that you may not be able to reach even a familiar gas station, and not much can happen on the way. If you see that there is less than a quarter of a tank left, be sure to fill up in the city. After all, you can't predict the number of trips you'll have to make from your vacation home. We always reinsure.


Another problem you may encounter on a night drive is that you will begin to drift off to sleep. Especially if you are leaving after a hard day's work. Of course, you don't always have to fight with sleep, but if you realize that it is difficult for you to concentrate, postpone the trip until the morning. It is better to get up early and get to the cottage on a free road than to take a risk on the night track. But if you still decide to go for the night watching, it is better if you go with at least one passenger who will cheer you up.

We do not take strangers

Of course, there are rarely people on the night road, but there are still people who miss the last bus. Still, you should be more careful if you notice someone on the side of the road — you don't know what's in the mind of the person you just want to help. Do not look at gender, women in inadequate condition are almost as strong as men. No matter how much we want to do a good deed, first of all we remember our own safety, especially if your loved ones or friends are with you in the salon.


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