Pregnancy follow-up below expectations

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A follow-up of pregnancy below expectations

Pregnancy follow-up appointments are difficult to obtain everywhere in Quebec.

The public health system is once again singled out. This time by pregnant women who are struggling to be followed as they would like.

If the situation is generalized in the province, it is particularly so in the Capitale-Nationale. For the past few weeks, the telephone at the Prenato private clinic in Quebec City has not stopped ringing.

Future mothers tired of waiting say they are ready to pay. But Prenato does not offer the service. At least not at the moment.

Given the growing demand, Prenato has decided to add a doctor to our team who will provide pregnancy monitoring from spring 2023, reveals Alexandra Brousseau, nurse clinician at Prénato.

This health professional reminds us of the importance of pregnancy monitoring.

When a patient was not able to get a quick appointment for her nuchal translucency ultrasound or her first prenatal screening, the results will be less accurate later on. In some cases, it's a trisomy that may go undetected, she warns.

Last February, the government set up the My Pregnancy website supposed to make it easier to get an appointment. It is impossible, however, to choose the type of follow-up: women are assigned a nurse, a doctor or a gynecologist, depending on the places available.

Christiane Naud, general coordinator of the collective Les Accompagnantes, welcomes the initiative.

Women have a little less difficulty now, for a few months. At least, those who are aware, because the site is recent, she underlines.

Marielle M'Bangha, coordinator of the perinatal referral service for Les Femmes immigrantes de Québec.

If the path is strewn with pitfalls for those who are covered by the Quebec health insurance, it is even more so for those who are not, such as foreigners. Marielle M'Bangha, coordinator of the perinatal reference service for Les Femmes immigrantes de Québec, regrets it.

It has become complex. We have families who have been looking for pregnancy monitoring for five months and who do not know where to go, she says.

However, there is no no more pregnant women than before. According to the Statistical Institute of Quebec, the number of births is around 83,000 in the province, and it has been so for several years.

D' after information from Magalie Masson

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