Premiere of “Wonder woman 2” postponed to the end of the summer

Премьера "Чудо-женщины 2" отложена на конец лета

As expected, Warner moved the release designage blockbuster “Wonder woman: 1984,” reported Comic Book.

The film will be released on 5 June, as scheduled. Is the beginning of summer the movie will be in cinemas at the end of the summer, August 14. By that time, as suggested by the leadership of Warner, the world distribution stabiliziruemost.

Note that earlier there were rumors that the Studio does not want to release a sequel to “Wonder woman” in cinema, as it is unknown when exactly they will earn in a usual mode, but is considering the release on stream the HBO Max.

Fortunately, the rumor was not confirmed, and we still see this film on the big screen, albeit later than expected.

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