Premiers unite for better health transfers


Premiers unite for better health transfers

Premier of British Columbia , John Horgan, will chair the summer meeting of the Council of the Federation on July 11 and 12 in Victoria.

Increasing federal health transfers will be at the heart of discussions at the Council of the Federation meeting, where the premiers of Canada's ten provinces and three territories will meet on July 11 and 12 in Victoria to discuss the country's problems. .

The challenges in accessing health care services that Canadians have been exposed to during the pandemic have increased the pressures on our health care systems. Unless the federal government substantially increases its share of health care costs, these pressures will persist, said BC Premier John Horgan, who will chair the Council.

At the previous Council of the Federation meeting, which took place virtually in early February, provincial and territorial leaders asked Ottawa to increase its contribution from 22% to 35% of health care spending, or about $28 billion. more dollars per year.

This is not only the first face-to-face meeting of the Council of the Federation since the start of the pandemic, but also the first interprovincial meeting since announcement of John Horgan's resignation.

He won't be the only leader to bow out soon, however, as Alberta Premier Jason Kenney also announced his resignation at the end of May after narrowly winning his party's vote of confidence. p>

In addition to discussions on health care, Premiers will take this opportunity to address issues of economic recovery and affordability as inflation continues to rise in Canada.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford plans to address the labor shortage affecting several sectors of the economy and the need to accept more skilled immigrants in order to make up for the lack of workers.

Yukon Premier Sandy Silver will host a discussion on Arctic sovereignty and security, an issue brought to the fore – scene since Russia's offensive in Ukraine in February, raising fears of repercussions for northern security.

For Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe , there will also be discussions with other leaders with the aim of obtaining greater autonomy from Ottawa and developing the province's oil and gas industry.

In addition to several meetings and press conferences over the two days of this summer meeting, the first Ministers will also have the opportunity to meet with Songhees Nation Chief Ron Sam and Esquimalt Nation Chief Rob Thomas, on whose territories the meeting is taking place.


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