Preparation for the wedding: where to start preparing


July 22, 2019, 10:03 | Culture

It is necessary to discuss the specifics of the wedding in advance.

Preparation for the wedding: where to start preparing

The wedding day is one of the most important holidays in the life of every girl. On this day, you want everything to go perfectly, every little thing was taken into account and taken into account. But for this you need to make a lot of effort, and you should start preparing as early as possible. So, how to prepare for the wedding of the bride and groom so that this day remains in memory as one of the best holidays?

Where to start?

In order to arrange a perfect wedding banquet, preparations for it should begin immediately after the official proposal of marriage. The closer the date of marriage, the more trouble will appear. But how to properly prepare for a wedding? To do this, you need to start by solving the most important issues related to the ceremony, informs Ukr.Media.

  • Definition of the date

This is the first decision of the future couple that they make together. Choosing a wedding date should be approached very carefully. It is necessary that it does not coincide with the time of some holidays. You should also not schedule a wedding on the birthday of a close relative. This day is only yours, and it should be chosen taking into account all your wishes, starting with the time of year when the ceremony will be held, and ending with the choice of your favorite number. It should also be taken into account that it is advisable to schedule the wedding on a weekend so that the guests do not have any inconvenience with working hours.

  • Budget planning

< p>Despite the romantic side of the event, the financial issue is crucial in preparing for the celebration. It is necessary to immediately decide which holiday you want to arrange. Will it be a lavish banquet with a large number of invited guests or a cozy dinner with loved ones? Do you want to organize a wedding in compliance with all customs and traditions or do you prefer to do without unnecessary events? Such questions are of key importance in planning the wedding ceremony.

Other important questions

Once you have decided on the date and planned expenses, you can proceed to other points of the preparation plan.

Celebration style

Now it is customary to hold a wedding celebration in a certain style or color scheme. If you want to follow fashion trends and make your wedding original, you should think about it in advance. To create a complete image, it is necessary to take into account the smallest nuances, down to the color of the napkins.

Wedding outfits

Based on the style of the celebration, the issue with the clothes of the future spouses should also be resolved. You can get by with the classic option by adding a highlight to it due to the color of the holiday decoration, or sew special outfits that match the theme of the wedding. For a bride to feel confident, it is important to find a really perfect dress for herself. It is quite possible that you will not be able to find such an outfit ready-made and you will have to resort to the services of an atelier. And this means that additional time must be allocated for tailoring the dress. In addition, it is important that the hairstyle and makeup harmoniously complement the style of the bride. Therefore, you need to take care in advance to choose the most appropriate option.


This is one of the most important stages of the wedding preparation plan. How the ceremony will take place largely depends on how well the institution is chosen. Make a list of all the suitable places and visit each of them. It is important to take into account all the details: familiarize yourself with the kitchen, the staff, check whether the number of seats corresponds to the number of guests. A detailed review requires a sufficient amount of time, but it is better to spend it preparing for a smooth and joyful ceremony than choosing to rush and be dissatisfied with your own wedding.

Agency or self-planning< /p>

If you decide to turn to professionals, spend extra time choosing those with whom you will be “on the same wavelength”. And if you decide to do everything yourself, immediately make arrangements with the host of the ceremony, videographer and photographer. Prepare for the fact that the best in this business are on hand, and the earlier you make an agreement with them, the more guarantees that they will attend your event.


< p>If you want to go on vacation after the celebration, you should take care of the trip in advance. Decide on the direction of travel, choose a reliable tour operator and book tickets. At the same time, do not forget that preparing for vacation also takes a lot of time, so buy a swimsuit and other necessary beach clothes in advance so that you don't have to do it later.

The solution to these questions determines the approximate plan of the wedding celebration. Each of them needs special attention from the future spouse. At the same time, it's never too early to start planning a holiday. Even starting this half a year before the wedding, every day will be occupied with some matter related to it.

To-do list 6 months before marriage

Despite the fact that half a year seems like a long time, it is best to start preparing for the most important day in that time. So, 6 months before the wedding, you need to:

  • choose the exact date of the celebration;
  • check how suitable the chosen day is for this ceremony, if there will be a wedding;
  • plan the budget;
  • make an approximate list of guests;
  • introduce the parents to each other, if this has not been done before;
  • look carefully at your own reflection and think about what you can improve in your appearance before the ceremony. Start solving the identified problem in order to look dazzling on the wedding day. Yes, you can do sports, go for massage treatments, eat right. If you do everything systematically, six months is enough time to lose weight (if you have such a goal), improve your complexion, strengthen your hair.

To-do list 4 months before the wedding

After 2 months, you can start other points of the training plan. By taking it easy, you increase the likelihood that all the details will be taken care of and the wedding will be held at the highest level. So, at this stage you need to:

  • decide on the style of the ceremony;
  • make a list of possible places for the celebration;
  • decide on the image of the bride you want to create on this day, choose a salon for its implementation;
  • choose the image of the groom that matches the style of the celebration;
  • decide who will be the witnesses;< /li>
  • make the final list of guests;
  • order invitations to the ceremony;
  • choose several operators, photographers and presenters, among whom you will make the final choice;
  • < li>select the RAC for registration.

To-do list 2-3 months before the wedding

Having done everything necessary, we are preparing for the other stages of planning. When there are 2-3 months left before the day of the banquet, you need to:

  • choose the type of wedding ceremony, it can be held in the RATS or be outside;
  • submit an application to the RATS;< /li>
  • buy rings;
  • choose a presenter and plan the course of the celebration;
  • choose a photographer and cameraman, agree with them in advance;
  • decide which song the newlyweds will dance to, if necessary, attend several choreography lessons;
  • choose a pastry shop that will prepare the cake;
  • choose the exact location of the wedding;
  • < li>send out invitations;

  • if the dress is bought, make the final choice, and if individual tailoring is done – continue to go to planned fitting;
  • buy clothes for the groom;
  • buy additional accessories for the bride's outfit: a veil, gloves, hair accessories, shoes, etc.

To-do list for the month before the wedding

The closer the solemn date, the more trouble appears. When it is not more than a month away, you need to:

  • check whether all guests have received invitations;
  • make a menu and make an advance payment to secure a place;
  • order a wedding bouquet for the bride, and boutonnieres for the groom and witnesses, they should be combined with the outfits of the future spouses and the general decoration of the banquet;
  • decide on a hairdresser and make-up artist, make trial versions of hair and make-up;
  • order wedding car rental;
  • make a route of the wedding walk together with the photographer;
  • choose and order cake;
  • if desired, order a pyrotechnic show;
  • think about how to hold a bachelor party and bachelorette party, send out invitations for them;
  • book a hotel room, if you want to spend the first night away from home.

To-do list 2-3 days before the wedding

In the last days before the celebration, you need to:

  • think about how to seat the guests and put cards with their names on the selected places;
  • hold a bachelorette party and bachelor party;
  • >

  • pack the bride's handbag;
  • talk to the photographer, cameraman and presenter again to make sure they understand your wishes well;
  • take all the props to the venue the day before ;
  • walk in wedding shoes to spread them;
  • go to bed earlier and try to get enough sleep before the most important day!

However, there is not always such a long time to prepare for marriage. If you are limited in time, you can remove items from the to-do list that are not so important to you, and just do everything a little faster, and the result will be just as beautiful. And yet, when thinking about how to prepare for a wedding, you cannot take into account absolutely everything. There is always a risk that some detail will be missed. But, firstly, if you prepare for the ceremony from this list, the probability that everything will be successful will increase dramatically.

And secondly and most importantly, the most important thing is your positive attitude, attentive attitude towards your husband and enjoyment this day It is very easy to plunge into the troubles of preparation and thus “miss” all the joy from your own wedding. Try not to let this happen to you. Remember that even without professional organizers, your girlfriends and closest relatives will always come to your aid so that you can get the most pleasure from your holiday.


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