Preparing the car for summer: what to check and replace in the car


May 2, 2022, 19:07 | Auto

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Preparing the car for the summer: what to check and replace in the car

The car should be prepared not only for spring, but also for summer. According to experts, it is not enough to change winter tires to summer ones. They told what car owners need to do before the start of the summer season, Ukr.Media informs.

Replacement of lubricant

Replacing engine oil after winter is an important procedure. In the cold season, the lubricant was actively diluted with moisture from condensate, which arose as a result of temperature changes, as well as with fuel when it was incompletely burned during short trips.

Auto experts note that in warm weather, driving on excessive " liquid" lubricants do not make sense – you can use more viscous ones.

Replacing filters

When preparing for the summer, you should also replace the cabin filter. After winter, it is usually clogged with small remnants of asphalt pieces, rubber particles, brake dust. Also, components of winter reagents accumulate in the filter.

Replacing it with an ordinary paper filter is the most budget-friendly. You can also choose a filter with carbon filler – it catches particles and odors better.

In addition, the engine air filter should be replaced. You can't save here, otherwise there may be problems with the engine.

Checking the brakes

Changing tires is a good reason to evaluate the condition of the brakes . Sometimes the brake pads get jammed in the calipers, and the reason for this can be rust on their ends.

Also, you need to pay attention to the condition of the linings: are the inner and outer ones worn equally, or are they worn evenly. It is not recommended to delay replacing pads until they are completely worn. If the pads are more than half worn, they should be replaced.

The air conditioner responsible for cooling the air in the car interior is a fairly simple system, but it also requires regular maintenance. Specialists told how to carry out prevention of the device and what problems you can face before the summer season.


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