Presented anniversary Opel Corsa


    Anniversary Opel Corsa presented

    Opel Corsa received a special version for the 40th anniversary. It will be released in a limited edition and will be offered exclusively in electric version.

    Opel celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Corsa hatchback. The anniversary gift was a special version of the 40 Years Special Edition. Details of the car were revealed on the official website of the Stellantis concern.

    Anniversary Opel Corsa unveiled

    You can distinguish the anniversary version from the standard Opel Corsa 2022 by a special red color – this shade was offered for the first generation of the model. The roof and mirrors are black and matched with 17-inch graphite wheels.

    Anniversary Opel Corsa presented

    The interior of the Opel Corsa is trimmed with a special checkered fabric – its pattern was also borrowed from the models of the 80s. Moreover, complete with a car, buyers will receive original checkered socks. Anniversary logos with the number “40” also appeared inside.

    Anniversary Opel Corsa presented

    The Opel Corsa 40 Years Special Edition is quite rich in equipment – it includes diode headlights, climate control, a rear-view camera, a 7-inch display, parking sensors, heated seats and steering wheel.

    The hatchback is available exclusively in electric version. It is equipped with a 136-horsepower motor and a 50 kWh battery. The electric car accelerates to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds and develops 150 km/h, and its range is 330 km.

    Anniversary Opel Corsa presented

    Exactly 1982 Opel Corsa 40 Years Special Edition will be released in total, because the model has been produced since 1982 of the year. It will be possible to buy an electric car at a price of 36 thousand euros.