President in quarantine: Biden, who fell ill with COVID-19, spoke about his health (video)


President in quarantine: Biden, who is ill with COVID-19, spoke about his health (video)

The American president has moderate symptoms of the disease. Doctors advised him to take the antiviral drug Paxlovid, which is effective in the early stages of the disease.

US President Joe Biden, who contracted the coronavirus, informed his followers on Twitter about his state of health. In particular, the American leader assured that he is doing a great job and working in his residence.

After a positive test for COVID-19, the American president went into quarantine. He has mild symptoms of illness, so he is working remotely and continues to serve as president.

“Friends, I'm doing great. Thank you for your concern. Just called Senator Casey, Congressman Cartwright and Mayor Cognetti (and my cousins ​​in Scranton!) to express my regrets that I missed our event today. Keep working!” Biden wrote.

US Vice President Kamala Harris also spoke about the state of health of the head of the White House. According to her, Biden has been vaccinated twice, feels well and continues his work at the residence.

Soon, Biden published a video where he spoke about his health. He confirmed mild symptoms of the disease and said he was feeling well.

Biden's doctor Kevin O'Connor specified that the American president's symptoms include a slight runny nose, fatigue and a dry cough. Therefore, the doctor recommended that Biden take a powerful antiviral drug – Paxlovid, which is considered quite effective at an early stage of the disease.

“The president is fully vaccinated and twice vaccinated, so I expect him to respond positively, as do most of the most protected patients “, O'Connor summed up.

Before that, the American president paid a visit to Jerusalem, where he met with Prime Minister Yair Lapid. According to the Israeli publication Walla, during the meeting they discussed the supply of anti-tank missiles by Germany, produced according to Israeli technology and license.


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