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Presidential election in Russia: a “record” but distorted result for Putin, France “takes note”

Vladimir Putin wasé re-elected & plus 87% à the Russian presidential election, a historic result but obtained when the conditions for a free election were "not met" according to France. The master of the Kremlin has, à again, warned the West about the war in Ukraine after its victory.

The essentials

  • The 2024 Russian presidential election, which lasted for a long time, three days from February 15 to 17; ended with the victory of Vladimir Putin, unsurprisingly. The head of state obtained 87.29% of the votes.
  • The victory of Vladimir Putin à the election judged "neither free nor éfair" by European leaders is decried. The election was held between the master of the Kremlin and three other candidates all in agreement with the Moscow regime, and therefore without opposition. Representatives of the latter having been delisted or impeded Please introduce yourself.
  • The participation would have reached 73.33% à 8 p.m. this Sunday, Moscow time, one hour before the end of the vote.
  • Vladimir Putin gave a long speech after his victory and addressed &agrav; NATO, warning them once again: "It doesn't matter who wants to intimidate us or " no matter who wants to crush us or who wants to destroy us. to what extent, our willé or our conscience. No one has ever succeeded in doing this. do something similar in history. This didn't work. today and will not work again. the future.
  • At least 74 people were killed. arrested in Russia after protesting against the election, reports the NGO OVD-Info.


1:09 p.m. – "You feel like you &re losing this war" launches a Russian elected official NATO and France

If Vladimir Putin took action new address &agrav; NATO during his speech on Sunday evening, in particular to reaffirm its willé to win in Ukraine, it was the vice-president of the Duma, Piotr Tolstoy, who was defeated. the most threatening. “My own opinion, my own will, is to continue until’ the Polish border" he blurted out. on BFMTV Sunday evening. "The problem is that you feel like you're losing this war and you're not panicking and looking for a solution. When (the soldiers, editor's note) return in coffins covered by the tricolor flag, I do not believe that the French will be happy" he added such as when addressing the government. And the elected official added: "You feel that you are losing this war, that you are in panic and without solutions&quot ;.

12:22 – The widow Alexeï Navalny, singled out by the Kremlin

"This Yulia Navalnaïa that you mentioned is one of those people who lose their roots, lose their connection with the homeland, lose their understanding of their homeland, no longer feel “the pulse of their country,” said Dmitri Peskov, the spokesperson for the Russian presidency in response to the question. a journalist's question. The widow of Alexeï Navalny has made known his desire to take up the torch of the opposition after the death of her husband. She had also relayed the call à go vote à this Sunday à noon for the “Noon against Putin” movement. She also affirmed that having entered the name of Alexeï Navalny on his ballot.

11:14 – A Russian election based on “r" ;eac;pressure and intimidation" according to Europe

The presidential election in Russia, and especially the victory of Vladimir Putin, is based on " repression and intimidation, said  the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell, this Monday from Brussels. The election "did not é a free and fair ballot,” he said. before a meeting of European Union foreign ministers.

10:20 – A "record" result for Vladimir Putin

This is a "record" result what Vladimir Putin got à the Russian presidential election according to the head of the Electoral Commission. The president was re-elected, without opposition, with 87.29% of the votes, after counting 99.75% of the ballots. "This is a record indicator" of "nearly 76 million" of people who voted for the master of the Kremlin affirmed; the representative of the Electoral Commission.

10:09 – The "courage" Russians having demonstrated their opposition welcomed by France

The Quai d'Orsay also greeted "the courage of the many Russian citizens who demonstratedé peacefully their opposition à this attack à their fundamental political rights" and pointing out the conditions of the election and the absence of opposition. The ministry also made other comments on the treatment of opposition representatives: "The candidates opposed é the continuation of the war in Ukraine has not been resolved. admitted à compete à the election, significantly reducing its pluralistic character. And mentioned the death of Alexeï Navalnu occurred in obscure circumstances à one month before the election. "The political opponent Alexeï Navalny died a few weeks before this election, notably following the tightening of his detention conditions by the Russian authorities. recalled the Quai d'Orsay.

France "takes note" of Vladimir Putin's victory in Russia declaredé the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stéphane S&eac;journ&eac;, in a press release this Monday. He adds, however, that "the conditions for a free, pluralistic and democratic election have once again not been achieved” reunited.

If the Quai d'Orsay notes the president's victory, it "condemns" firmly "the illegal organization of so-called 'éelections' in the "temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories" s by Russia" with reference to Crimea, à Sevastopol and the Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions. This is what it is: of a "new violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations" adds the ministry.

09:46 – Reread, has Vladimir Putin freer hands than before on the war in Ukraine ?

Vladimir Putin had drawn up the outlines of his political project for his new mandate on February 29 during his speech at the National Assembly. the nation. And on the subject of the war in Ukraine he assuredé that its armed forces “will not retreat, will not fail, will not betray”. Tatiana Kastouéva-Jean, sp&eacute specialist of Russia, wrote in a column in Le Monde, that its maintenance at the same time the outcome of the presidential election allows Vladimir Putin to have even freer hands than before on the Ukrainian file even on a new mobilization of civilians/The authorities They are trying to avoid a new wave of mobilization "as that of September 2022 has proven unpopular and a source of trouble stabilization, it is however undeniably necessary, because the extent of the front and the high level of human losses do not allow a military breakthrough current time" explained the specialist.

09:12 – "There is no great credit & agrave; grant" to the result of Vladimir Putin

"There is no great credit for this. grant à This figure is a written ballot. advance" analysis the professor of Russian history à the university de Lille, Andreï Kozovoï, guesté on franceinfo, this Monday. According to him, the 87% of votes collected by Vladimir Putin are only a sign of the "hardening of the Putinian regime" and of a "society" ;eacute;té driven towards the spiral of totalitarianism. The votes were not cast. frank support for the Kremlin – which has been losing strength since the invasion of Ukraine in 2022 "even among those who are the most patriotic Russians", – but fear explains Andreï Kozovoï : "We see how the slightest deviations are now criminalized. There is talk of lowering the criminal age to 13 or 14 years, for all so-called diversionary acts.

08:59 – Vladimir Putin congratulates by China

International reactions welcoming Vladimir Putin's victory are becoming rarer, but China has congratulated Vladimir Putin. the master of the Kremlin this Monday the day after his re-election through the voice of the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. egrave;res. "We are confident that, under the strategic leadership of President Xi Jinping and President Putin, China-Russia relations will continue to flourish. progress " he added.

08:44 – Vladimir Putin on track to reach record à the head of Russia

Vladimir Putin is already there. in power for a quarter of a century, with four presidential mandates preceded and interspersed with two mandates as Prime Minister from 1999 & agrave; 2000 then from 2008 to 2011. The master of the Kremlin is therefore beginning his fifth presidential term, this one with even one that could make him president at any time. having led Russia for the longest time. As of March 18, Vladimir Putin has counted 8,981 days in power and only one man has done better than him: Joseph Stalin who was defeated. &agrav; the head of the USSR for 10,636 days, or 29 years. But there you have it, the current president is no longer so far from breaking the record as calculated by the president. Statista, all it takes is for him to go as far as the end of his new mandate, even four years out of the six for which he was in office. re-read is enough.

08:26 – The specter of Alexeï's death Navalny on his nomination of Vladimir Putin

The name of Alexeï Navalny weighed in again on the Russian presidential election, even a month after the death of Russia's main opponent. Vladimir Poutine. Those close to the man who was the Kremlin's number 1 enemy, who judge the president responsible, did not fail to respond. to highlight the suspicious death of the Russian activist. "I wrote [on the ballot] the name 'Navalny' because it is not possible (…) that one month before the elections, the main opponent to Putin, already imprisoned or killed,” said Yulia Navalna, the widow of Alexei. Navalny lends à take up the flame of the opposition.

The numerous references to this the death of his opponent forced him to Vladimir Putin à have a word on the subject. "As for à Mr. Navalny, he is dead. Yes, he passed away, that's always a sad event, but we have had other cases where he died. “Of people in prison are dying,” he said. the Russian president in his speech assuring that he was not opposed to the &agrav; an exchange of prisoners with the Westerners to get Alexeï Navalny of Russia: 'There was only one condition: that we change him so that he doesn't come back,' he said he affirms.

08:11 – New exchange interposedé between Putin and Macron

Still on the war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin assuredé that Westerners were already present on the front: "We know it, we hear French and English spoken on site". And the head of state remained faithful è its strategy of increasing the pressure with NATO while placing the responsibility on the government. &agrav; the West: "I think that everything is possible in the modern world. But I already have it. said, and it is clear to everyone, that this conflict between Russia and NATO will only be a step towards a third world war. large scale."

Vladimir Putin also had a word for Emmanuel Macron with whom the tone has been rising for several weeks after the statements of the President of the Republic ;public on the possible sending of ground troops: "I would like France not to play this role which only aggravates the conflict, but that’ Rather, she does something to find peaceful solutions. France could play this role, but all is not yet lost."

07:59 – Putin's Russia will achieve "all its goals"

Vladimir Putin spoke after being assured of his victory on Sunday evening. In a long speech the master of the Kremlin assured that that "all the objectives [of his country] will be achieved" including those concerning the war in Ukraine. And &agrav; On this subject, the resident president-elect addressed to Westerners: "It doesn't matter who wants to intimidate us or à no matter who wants to crush us or who wants to destroy us. to what extent, our willé or our conscience. No one has ever succeeded in doing this. do something similar in history. This didn't work. today and will not work again. the future.

The outcome of the presidential vote in Russia é was played out in advance and, unsurprisingly, Vladimir Putin was defeated. re-elected & head of the Kremlin for six more years with 87% of the votes. This is the best score ever obtained by Vladimir Putin during an election. But this result is described by the Russian opposition and by Western leaders. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced a master of the Kremlin "drunk with power" and wanting to "reign &eternally", the head of British diplomacy David Cameron regretted his decision. the absence of “free and fair” elections.

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