Prevention of kidney disease: tips nephrologists

Doctors called 9 ways to help avoid kidney problems.

Профилактика болезней почек: советы нефрологов

With each new decade of life the functionality of the kidneys is reduced by 10%, and the risk of disease increases.

Experienced nephrologists from the USA talked about a few simple ways to reduce the risk of severe renal diseases.

1. Diabetes control, blood pressure and heart health.

In most cases, kidney disease is a secondary disease, resulting from such disorders as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or hypertension. Approximately 50% of diabetics have kidney problems. People with high blood pressure will also need to regularly check kidney function.

2. Reduction of salt intake.

Salt increases the amount of sodium in the body. And with it not only increased blood pressure but also begins the formation of kidney disease. That’s why a good idea is to reduce the level of salt in the diet.

3. Drinking large amounts of water.

In itself the moisture necessary for our kidneys removed from the body of various toxins and by-products. If you drink too little, the kidneys receive an excessive load. Doctors recommend to drink at least 4-6 glasses of water each day, which is 2-3 liters.

4. Often go to the toilet.

Filtration of blood is a key function performed by our kidneys. When this filter is derived from the body excessive amounts of degradation products. Water, which is stored in the bladder, should get out of here as quickly as possible. And the more you suffer, the more you strain, the bladder is adversely affecting the filtration processes.

5. Eat fresh and healthy foods.

Almost all the processes in our body depend on the chosen foods. If you lean on junk food like fast food, it will inevitably entail consequences. Might experience and kidney.

6. Healthy drinks.

Not necessarily every day to consume only water, include a list of beverages fruit juices. Seldom drink tea and coffee, which contain caffeine that reduces the amount of fluid in the body. Another excellent tool for moisturizing are the melons.

7. No Smoking and alcohol.

An excessive amount of alcohol disrupts the electrolyte balance in the body and hormonal control that affect the kidneys. Though Smoking directly does not affect the kidneys, it still negatively affects their functioning.

8. Exercise.

Researchers believe that obesity is directly linked to kidney problems. Obesity increases the likelihood of such diseases in two times.

9. No self-medication.

All your medications, including dietary supplements and various herbal medicine, pass through the kidneys. Unauthorized reception of certain drugs, or increase their dosages can cause serious kidney problems.

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