Prévost's new H3-45 coach, in high demand

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The Prévost's new H3-45 coach, in high demand

Never has the Sainte-Claire company had such a full order book so soon.

The new model H3-45 coach sells for around $700,000 in Canada, but can be worth as much as US$2-3 million when converted into a motorhome.

Barely launched on the market, Prévost's new H3-45 coach model is already turning many heads. The Bellechasse company must now meet market demand at its Sainte-Claire plant.

François Tremblay, president of Prévost and Volvo bus North America, has just been named president of Volvo group Canada.

The market reaction has been amazing! says François Tremblay, president of Prévost and Volvo bus North America, showing us around the newest member of the family, the H3-45. A design work of several years that will have been worth it. We had three elements in mind: the operator, the driver and the passengers, he says proudly.

“Right now, if you want a vehicle like that, you have to wait 15 or 16 months. [Never seen]. »

— François Tremblay, President of Prévost and Volvo Bus North America

The vehicle has been redesigned, redesigned. Everyone will fully find their account, according to Mr. Tremblay. A more modern design with new aerodynamic curves to face the inflationary wind and rising interest rates that have greatly influenced the value of the vehicle.

Prévost's new H3-45 coach model was launched on the market in January in Orlando, Florida. It is equipped with a Volvo D13 engine.

We really worked to optimize the flow of wind and air on the vehicle in order to get up to 12 % fuel savings, explains François Tremblay. Innovations that allow the vehicle to be quieter.

The manufacturer also wanted to reduce operating costs. Access to dashboard components is easier with a door in front of the vehicle and on the driver's side.

Beginning of the list Photo album of 5 items. Skip the list?The interior of the coach has been “purified” with greater accessibility according to the president.The H3-45 coach provides better visibility on the road according to Martin Pouliot.The horizontal and vertical axis of the vehicle has been redesigned. The bumper is now divided into three parts to facilitate its replacement if an accident occurs.The cameras on the wall of the vehicle provide information to the driver who has access to the visual very close to his dashboard.The components and the windshield washer container are accessible from the driver's side door.1/5The interior of the coach has been “purified” with greater accessibility according to the president.Photo : Radio-Canada/Philippe AtticSee previous imageSee next imageEnd of list Photo album of 5 elements. Back to top of list?

Inside, we were inspired by aeronautics for the new design, says Mr. Tremblay. New seats, larger windows, reduction in the number and size of grab bars, better adapted baggage cabin, better light, more ergonomic environment for passengers, he notes.

Even the dashboard has been redesigned to the delight of Martin Pouliot, driver at Prévost. Everything is close at hand, visibility is better, the sun visors are improved, we have electronic screens connected to cameras when we shoot [to help us]. It covers 360 degrees, proudly explains the one who has been an employee of the company for 44 years.

Martin Pouliot has been an employee of Prévost for 44 years.

After market launch in January at UMA Motorcoach Expofrom Orlando,where 85% of its customer base is located, the company must now meet demand. Between February 2022 and May 2023, we will triple our production at the Saint-Claire plant, notes François Tremblay.

Already 140 people have joined the team this year. The Sainte-Claire plant has 900 employees and women occupy a greater place in the company.

Prévost hired 240 people last year to increase production. Already this year, 140 new employees have joined the team, many of them women.

We have changed several things, such as the way we recruit. We had 12% of female population in our organization and there, we have 20% of women who joined us. Help greatly appreciated, according to the president.

Recruitment continues for the company. About fifty positions are still to be filled this year and a minimum of 150 additional people will be needed next year, the year of the company's centenary.

Prévost will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. The H3-45 coach marks this centenary.

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