Prey: finally the resurrection of Predator?


With Prey, the Predator gets a makeover by rubbing shoulders with Native Americans on Disney+. Video review and interview.

At Large Screen, we love the Predator saga (including the broken whole The Predator, which has lots of great things to offer). But given the monumental flop of Shane Black's film, we understand that Disney was a little cautious with the franchise. So head to Disney+ with this Prey spin-off, which chooses the invigorating premise of catapulting its alien hunter into the middle of the 18th century. In the heart of an America where Native Americans and settlers clash, the young Comanche Naru decides to prove herself as a warrior, before discovering the existence of the ultimate predator.

Beyond being a clever survival game, Prey has the merit of having a strategic approach to action and suspense, which we owe it to the talented Dan Trachtenberg. That's good, the enthusiastic review of Antoine is embellished with an interview with the director, as well as the producer Jhane Myers. You can also find our written review of the film by Mathieu.


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