Prey: the first opinions on the Predator prequel have fallen


First sounds for Prey, the original Predator's return to Disney+. Good surprise: the film seems to have completely convinced.

what is the best film in the PRedator saga?

After many sequels, spin-offs and reboots, Predator returns and tries again to get a makeover. It's up to the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane, Dan Trachtenberg, who was entrusted with the task of making the new film of the license with this time the mission to please the first hour fans like the newcomers. Confident and enthusiastic about this new project, Disney and Trachtenberg are already considering the production of several films in the same line as this one in the future. Prey would be the first of a long series as its concept seems so promising, but the test still needs to be transformed before!

Indeed, all the originality of this Predator is not only to return to the basics (a brutal hunt between aliens and humans), but to seize a spatio- different and engaging time to put them back on stage. Here, in the 18th century, a Comanche hunter faces the ruthless monster. Did this paradigm shift allow the film to take off again?

The first opinions are quite unanimous and more than positive. The trust of the director would therefore not be in vain. Newspaper.

Hey, so #PREY is fucking *fantastic.* Amber Midthunder is incredible, and no prior PREDATOR fandom is necessary to enjoy — the joy here is watching very clever opponents face off against each other, and it's incredibly thrilling stuff. @DannyTRS knows what he's about.

— Liz Shannon Miller (@lizlet) July 22, 2022

“Okay so Prey is absolutely fantastic. Amber Midthunder is amazing and there isn't necessarily a need for “Be a Predator fan to enjoy the movie. The thrill of watching comes from the clash between these two extremely cunning adversaries, and it's so gripping. Dan Trachtenberg knows what he's doing.” Liz Shannon Miler – Consequence

#Prey is my favorite Predator movie. (Coming from someone who's a big fan of the original and also 2010's Predators.) Love how the story is a deeply personal journey—one powered by Comanche tradition just as much as it is by Predator-sparked thrills.

— Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff) July 22, 2022

“Prey is my favorite Predator movie. (This comes from someone who is a huge fan of the original and Predators). I love how the story has become an intimate and deep journey driven by Comanche culture and the thrills of the Predator.” Perri Nemiroff – Collider

Prey is as worthy & badass a Predator movie as we've seen since the original. Beautifully shot, tightly written, excellent characters, and some of the grossest, most wildly entertaining sci-fi action in the franchise. It's exciting, fun, powerful, & I can't wait to watch it again

— Germain Lussier (@GermainLussier) July 22, 2022

“Prey is the most badass and attention-worthy Predator movie since the original. Superbly shot, well written, excellent characters, with some of the wildest and most entertaining action and sci-fi scenes in the franchise. It's exciting, fun, powerful and I can't wait to watch it again.” Germain Lussier – Gizmodo

I honestly think #Prey might be the best Predator movie. Not since the first movie, just best, period. It's got all the tense action, but it adds compelling characters, Amber Midthunder as Naru is a revelation, It's Predator broken down to its core elements and rebuilt better.

— Stephen “Dirk” Libbey (@childe_dirk) July 22, 2022

“I honestly think Prey might be the best Predator movie. Not since the first movie, just the best. It has all the action and tension of the first, but with the addition of irresistible characters: Amber Midthunder in as long as Naru is a revelation. The fundamentals of Predator are deconstructed to make it even better.” Stephen Libbey – CinemaBlend

#Prey is bloody exhilarating and goes back to the franchise's roots. The Predator is a ferocious beast, and there are plenty of vicious kill scenes. Fans will enjoy some of the Easter eggs which will definitely lead to more questions and theories

— John Nguyen (@JohnSpartan300) July 22, 2022

“Prey is exhilarating, gory, and gets back to the basics of the franchise. The Predator is a ferocious beast and there are plenty of brutal murder scenes. Fans will appreciate the easter eggs that lead to even more questions and theories.” John Nguyen – Nerd Reactor

[email protected]'s #PreyMovie is terrific! A sharp survivalist monster movie mixed with genre IP (along the lines of THE REVENANT meets PREDATOR), blending familiar with new lore. Strong sense of character, mounting suspense & LOTS of gore. @AmberMidthunder is captivating & compelling.

— Courtney Howard (@Lulamaybelle) July 22, 2022

“Dan Trachtenberg's Prey is terrific! A monster-based survival game between The Revenant and Predator, blending familiar diegesis with new universe elements. Striking characters, a crescendo of suspense, and a healthy dose of gore. Amber Midthunder is captivating and irresistible.” Courtney Howard – Variety

#PREY is, indeed, the best Predator entry since PREDATOR. All praise to Amber Midthunder who owns the screen against her alien foe. It's back to the bloody basics of a thrilling hunt that delivers everything I want from a Predator flick in its brutally primal glory.

— Matt Donato (@DoNatoBomb) July 22, 2022

“Prey is, indeed, the best Predator since the original. All praise is due for Amber Midthunder which captures the entire screen as she faces off against her alien adversary.We go back to the bloody basics of a thrilling hunt that gives us everything one could look for in a Predator movie for its gory, brutal and primal essence .” Matt Donato – Certified Forgotten

The opinions of the first spectators are dithyrambic, therefore. Very good news a priori for those who were impatiently awaiting this Prey or who were at least quite curious. Rare enough to note: yet another sequel/remake/prequel to a franchise already wrung to the bone wouldn't be a disappointment, with a vision both respectful of the source material and innovative.


Obviously, let's be careful. The enthusiasm and emotion of seeing a good film in the middle of an ocean of other, rather bad, can say a lot. We shouldn't expect a revolution, but at least, according to the overall feedback, Prey has the luxury of being stripped of all superficiality to focus its staging on what has come Seeking the Spectators: Brutal entertainment and a summit duel between two fierce hunters. The film will be available from August 5 on Disney+.


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