Price of the consultation: an increase to 30 euros at the doctor? Under what conditions?

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Price of the consultation: an increase to 30 euros at the doctor? Under what conditions?

GENERAL PRACTICE CONSULTATION PRICE. To stem the phenomenon of medical desertification, Social Security plans to increase the price of a medical consultation from 25   30 euros.

[Updated; day 23 February 2023   2:02 p.m.]  a piece of news that makes people cringe doctors. The National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam) proposes that the price of the medical consultation be increased from 25 to 25%. 30 euro in 2023. On condition of respecting the "territorial commitment contract", a provision to fight against medical desertification. Negotiations are underway between the Cnam and the unions of liberal doctors to try to reach a conclusion. an agreement and fix the price of the consultation for the five years to grave; come. Otherwise, the price of a consultation would be automatically set. to €26.50. The new agreement between Cnam and the unions must be signed no later thanTuesday February 28, 2023. a consensus by then, a new agreement will then be drafted by an arbitrator, Annick Morel, former inspector general of social affairs.

What is the territorial commitment contract?

The territorial commitment contract should make it possible to increase the supply of care by doctors , so as to reduce the phenomenon of medical deserts in France. This "pact" imposed by the Cnam requires general practitioners to commit to three subjects: 

  • The increase in the medical offer (number and renewal of patients)
  • Financial access to care (compliance with tariffs for sectors 1 and 2)
  • The response to the care needs of the territory (participation in the permanence of care, unscheduled care, coordinated exercise)

What is the price claimed? by liberal doctors?

The collective "Doctors for tomorrow" which has around 20,000 members, is asking for a consultation at 50 euros, as indicated by Franceinfo. The increase in height of 30 euros would only cover "the inflation of the last years" according to Christelle Audigier, founder of the collective. "This will repel young doctors but also old ones, who combine retirement or stay longer. They will see the constraints arrive and the absence of revaluation, they will leave!" she declares, still for Franceinter.

What is the price of the consultation with a general practitioner ? 

The price of the consultation with a general practitioner varies according to whether the doctor is contracted, or not contracted, and his sector of activity. (1 or 2). A registered doctor in sector 1 practices tariffs regulated by the national convention and does not practice excess fees.

The consultation price is set at 25 euros from a general practitioner in mainland France. The reimbursement is 70%. You will therefore be reimbursed. of 16.50 euros on the 25 euros (a fixed contribution of 1 euro applies, and must be deducted).

Why do I pay 7.50 euros at the doctor?

The price of a consultation is 25 euros at a general practitioner. sector 1. The health insurance reimburses you 16.50 euros, to which is added a 1 euro flat-rate contribution. The rest at The charge therefore amounts to 7.50 euros.

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