Price swings: VW shares are driving the auto sector again – Porsche also in view |  message

Price swings: VW shares are driving the auto sector again – Porsche also in view | message

Price swings: VW shares are driving the auto sector again – Porsche also in view |  message

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The Volkswagen preferences included in the DAX advanced 7.38 percent to 237.80 euros in a neutral market environment, thus taking another step towards the 252 euros achieved in the previous week. This also supported the European auto sector, which was the front runner in the Stoxx 600 industry ranking with an increase of 1.3 percent.

The Volkswagen ordinary shares with voting rights also made headlines on Monday, which after a setback on Friday rose again by 13.11 percent to 317.40. In addition, the securities of the holding company Porsche SE gained 6.93 percent in value to 92.32 euros. The latter, which should not be confused with the sports car manufacturer belonging to Volkswagen, has been listed in the MDAX since Monday.

Recently, the carmaker’s strategy in the field of electromobility has been generating a lot of imagination among investors – including US investors, as the recent sharp rise in sales of Volkswagen depository receipts (ADRs) traded in New York show. It is possible that private speculators jumped on the bandwagon while the shares of the Electric car-Pioneer Tesla recently didn’t have much to gain. These were 27 percent away from the January record on Friday.

At VW, however, there is also fantasy through an exchange course for the VW sports car brand Porsche. According to analyst Daniel Schwarz from Stifel Research, this topic is more important than it was recently assumed on the stock exchange. The daughter’s top managers showed sympathy for such simulation games on Friday. According to Schwarz, a listing on the stock market would have a major impact on the Wolfsburg’s rating. He would see very positive news in such a decision.

However, the discussion about the holding company Porsche, which holds more than half of the voting rights in the Wolfsburg-based car manufacturer, is also getting louder. This is occasionally cited by experts as the currently best way to participate in the VW rally. Barclays analyst Kai Mueller on Friday emphasized the increasingly large discount to the intrinsic value of the VW position. Against this background, Porsche is the real opportunity, according to the expert.

It is therefore possible that US investors are now jumping on the Porsche shares. An expert on Friday on the US business broadcaster CNBC described this as the “best way to invest in electromobility.” The turnover with the depository receipts from Porsche also skyrocketed on Friday on the NASDAQ.

Deutsche Bank raises target for Volkswagen shares to 270 euros

Deutsche Bank has raised the price target for Volkswagen preferred products from 185 to 270 euros and left the rating at “Buy”. The group is going “all in” in the field of e-mobility, wrote analyst Tim Rokossa in a study available on Monday. The expert even brings a possible price level of 400 euros into play, for which the way is cleared.


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