Prime Minister Trudeau and his family are going on vacation to Costa Rica


The prime minister Trudeau and his family are going on vacation in Costa Rica

During their last trip to Costa Rica, the flight cost taxpayers approximately $57,000.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family will spend the next two weeks on vacation in Costa Rica.

The PMO has indicated that they will be returning to the same location where they stayed during the 2019 Christmas vacation. ;is the family who pays for the accommodation.

Mr. Trudeau must travel on a Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft for security reasons, even if the trip is private.

The firm says it has consulted with the Federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner.

On their last trip to Costa Rica, the theft had cost taxpayers approximately $57,000 . Expenses had added for the crew, which had to remain in San José.

In 2017, the Federal Conflict Commissioner interests and ethics ruled that Mr. Trudeau had violated conflict of interest rules by vacationing on a private island owned by the Aga Khan in the Bahamas the previous year.

The firm maintains that Mr. Trudeau remains informed of what is happening in the country while he is abroad.


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