Primeira Liga: Portimonense v Setubal, live stream, preview, prediction

Primeira Liga: Portimonense v Setubal, live stream, preview, prediction
Portimonense v Setubal: prediction for the match of the championship of Portugal (February 28, 2020)

“Portimonense” does not lose “Setubal” for five matches, but whether the series of hosts will continue on February 28 – we prepared our forecast. How will the teams play?

“Portimonence” at the start of the second round of the championship fell into a serious crisis, a way out of which Paulo Sergio can not find until now. A series of failures resulted in a “black and white” fall in the relegation zone, which threatens to develop into a catastrophe. The lag behind the 16th “Pasus de Ferreira” is four points, which practically deprives the club of the right to make a mistake.

In the final round, Portimonence fought Porto, but lost 0-1 at Dragau, extending the series without victories in the championship to 10 matches.

Setubal also relies on maintaining a residence permit in the Example, but Julio Velazquez’s team is doing much better than its current rival, although there is also a decline in the Sadintsev game. The defeat 1: 3 from Braga in the last round extended the Setubal series without victories to four matches and did not allow him to rise above 12th place in the table.

In none of the last five matches has Portimonence lost to Setubalu – two wins and three draws
Setubal did not win in any of the last four matches – three defeats and a draw
In 11 away matches of the championship, Setubal gained just three wins

Portimonense has a very solid team, capable of solving much more serious tasks than the struggle for survival, but the team still cannot get out of the setback.

Nevertheless, while everything is not lost for the “black-and-white”, it’s quite possible to win back four points and start trying for sure today – Setubal is a very convenient opponent for Portimonense and is currently going through hard times.

In our opinion, guests have nothing to rely on. Forecast is the victory of Portimonence . In the Betting League, such an outcome is offered with a coefficient of 1.90

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