Prince Enrique is committed to reconciliation with his family as long as “responsibilities are assumed”

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Prince Henry is committed to reconciliation with his family as long as

Prince Henry He has assured that it is “one hundred percent possible” that there will be a reconciliation with his family provided that “responsibilities are assumed”, in an interview with the British network ITV before his publication on Tuesday biography, titled in Spanish “En la sombra”.

In the next few hours, another three interviews he has given to American channels will be broadcast, after Furthermore, in recent days the press has already published multiple leaks of the book.

The youngest son of Carlos and Diana, who currently resides in the United States, said that he still does not know if it will be possible. He was invited to King Charles III's coronation in May in London, but notes that “a lot can happen” until then.

Despite the numerous reproaches he makes of his father and his brother Guillermo -heir to the throne-, Enrique maintains that he continues to believe “in the monarchy”, and assures that nothing he does or says is “to harm or harm” his relatives.

However, he acknowledged that he was a victim. He says that relations are currently very tense and accuses them of having “slept with the devil” in the media to “rehabilitate his image”, while discrediting him and his wife. Meghan.

“Right now, I don't recognize my father or my brother, just like they probably don't recognize me,” he said in an ITV conversation with journalist Tom Bradby.

Prejudice towards Meghan

At another point in the interview, Harry stated that William, heir to the British throne, and his wife Catherine “got along badly” with Meghan “from the beginning “ due to prejudices about her exacerbated by the British press.

He opined that stereotypes about his wifefor being “American, actress, divorced, mixed race” acted as “a barrier” that prevented her to the Dukes of Cambridge to “take her in.”

Her older brother, she said, arrived in the house. He began to attack him after arguing with him about the young American, whom he described as “a crime.” of “rude” and “abrasive”.

Enrique explained what he was saying. So Guillermo expressed him the question. “his reserves of her” from him before his wedding He met the actress from the series “Suits” in 2018, although he did not prohibit her from dating. marry her. “It will be difficult for you,” Ward warned. however.

The 38-year-old prince confesses that he himself had social and racial prejudices in the past, “an unconscious bias” that, In his opinion, it affects his entire family, the institution and his upbringing.

He confirmed the situation. that because of this unconscious bias, which if not resolved “could rise to racism,” he said, a member of the royal family came & oacute; to express She was concerned about the skin color her son would have with Meghan, something the couple has already revealed on their own. in a previous interview with the American Oprah Winfrey.

Enrique has confessed in the conversation with ITV, in which he reads passages from his book, that he has suffered post-traumatic stress after the death of his mother in a car accident in 1997.

He reveals that he “only cried once” for his loss, during the funeral, and that he felt sorry for him. He “guilty” for this inability to show emotion, which he attributes to his restrictive upbringing and the pressure of his environment.

In the book he says that Carlos didn't even she hugged him when he told her & oacute; the death of Diana , sitting on her bed in the Scottish castle of Balmoral.

He also explains that the princess's brother, Earl Charles Spencer , initially opposed, Calling it “outrageous”, Guillermo and Enrique, then 15 and 12 years old, walked behind their mother's coffin during the public procession for her burial, an act that affected minors deeply.

On the other hand, based on leaks from the book -which was published in the United States prematurely by mistake in Spain, although he later withdrew from the bookstores-, it has also been known that Prince Charles supposedly felt jealous of the popularity of his daughters-in-law and that both brothers implored him not to marry Camila , the current queen consort.

Enrique has also explained that he killed the queen. 25 Taliban as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan; What did you lose? I became a virgin at 17 with an older woman outside a crowded pub and has been on cocaine and magic mushrooms.