Prince Harry may ruin the chance of reconciliation with his family. What he is about to reveal will surely not be liked by his father

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Prince Harry will go to war with King Charles III and the rest of the family?

 Prince Harry may use this to end the chance of reconciliation with his family./p></p><p>As the portal “Pomponik” reminds, Prince Harry has been postponing the publication of his memories related to life at the British court for some time. Postponing the premiere date does not mean, however, that he intends to withdraw from the project. If the publication comes out, Harry will not count on improving his relationship with his father – King Charles III and brother William. Recent media reports indicate that Prince Harry's diaries can only inflame sp & oacute; r.</p><p> <strong> No chance of consent? </strong></p><p>The departure of Queen Elizabeth II and the ceremonies related to her burial was a chance for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to reconcile with members of the royal family. There are many indications that the rebel prince did not take advantage of this opportunity. If the media reports are to be believed, Sussex was to decline the older brother's invitation to the meeting.</p><p> Prince Harry also did not back down from the idea of ​​publishing a diary in which he would reveal the backstage of life at the British court. “New Idea” magazine, citing its source, indicates that a significant part of the book will not be liked by royals.</p><p><p><img class =

You think the book will actually close Prince Harry ' emu the way to reconciliation with the family?

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