Prince Harry spares no one in the family. In his autobiography, he described one of Prince William's children

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Harry returns to the pre-wedding episode with Meghan Markle and Princess Kate.

Prince Harry does not spare anyone in the family. In his autobiography, he described one of the children of Prince William

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds, although the official premiere Prince Harry's autobiography is scheduled for January 10, more fragments have been leaking to the media for some time. Prince William has already been hit. It turns out that Harry did not spare even his older brother's children. What did he write about them?

Prince Harry attacks his brother's child

Prince Harry brings heavy guns against members of the British royal family to which he belongs. Many observers note that while in the Netflix documentary the Sussexes tried to at least keep up appearances and did not directly attack family members, in the autobiography the rebellious prince spares no one.

In “Spare”, Prince Harry attacks his stepmother, pointing to the connections she supposedly had with the media in the UK. He described in detail the course of the fight with William, in which the Prince of Wales was supposed to be the attacking party. It turns out that Harry doesn't even have a discount for his niece.

The Crying Duchess

In his autobiography, Prince Harry returned to the issue where there was a clash between Duchess Kate and Meghan Markle before the wedding. According to one version of events, William's wife was to bring her brother-in-law's chosen one to tears. However, there is no shortage of evidence to the contrary.

In one of the interviews, Harry stated that it is not true that Meghan made anyone cry. He also stated that he felt obliged to tell the truth. According to Prince Harry, it was supposed to start with Meghan not responding to a text message sent by Kate right away, but the next day.

“She had an endless number of text messages related to the wedding, but “She was mostly dealing with the chaos surrounding her father, so the next morning she texted Kate that our tailor was waiting for her. She told her his name was Ajay and he was “at the palace. It wasn't enough,” Harry writes.

King Charles III's younger son added that Kate complained about Princess Charlotte's outfit, which was said to cry when she tried it on. The American actress was indignant that the duchess did not come with her daughter to the fitting and ordered her to immediately come with the child to the tailor.

“Right, but I told you the tailor has been waiting since 8am. Here at KP. Can you take Charlotte to alter it like other moms do?” Meghan was supposed to write. Harry added that he found his wife all in tears. A day later, Kate was to apologize for her behavior.

Prince Harry spares no one in the family. In his autobiography he described one of Prince William's children

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