Prince Harry's son unexpectedly appeared in front of the cameras. His photo caused a huge stir on the Internet

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What does Prince Harry's son look like today?

Prince Harry's son unexpectedly appeared in front of the cameras. His photo caused a huge stir in the network

As the portal “Pudelek” reminds, Meghan Markle and the prince Harry tries to protect the privacy of their two children. We rarely see pictures of Archie and his little sister Lilibet. Recently, quite unexpectedly, four-year-old Archie appeared on his mother's lap at one of the videoconferences. Who does the boy look like?

Away from court

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided a few years ago that they no longer wanted to be active members of the royal family and no longer intended to live in the UK. They moved first to Canada and then to the United States. Although they assured that they wanted to live away from the lights of cameras, they appeared in front of these cameras quite quickly.

The interview that Meghan Markle and her husband gave to Oprah Winfrey echoed loudly. During the conversation, Meghan complained about the way she was treated by her husband's family. There were quite strong allegations of racism.

Meghan gives interviews quite often, whether in the press or in front of the cameras. During the last videoconference, her son Archie unexpectedly appeared on the lap of the American actress.[/embed ]

The latest photo of Prince Harry's son

Archie appeared at a virtual meeting Meghan Markle had with Jotaka Eaddy – CEO of Full Circle Strategies consulting company. A photo of Archie was posted on social media by Professor Duchess Harris. The photo was quickly removed from the professor's Twitter profile, but nothing is lost in the network.

The photo of Prince Harry's son caused a lot of emotions among Internet users. Many Internet users have no doubt that Archie is a good dad.

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