Princess Diana's niece shares wedding details a year after ceremony (video)


    Princess Diana's niece reveals wedding details one year after ceremony (video)

    The video captures very intimate moments between Lady Kitty and her husband Michael Lewis, 32 years her senior.< /p>

    A year after a luxurious wedding in Rome, 31-year-old niece of Princess Diana, Lady Kitty Spencer, shared with subscribers on Instagram footage of the wedding ceremony and behind the scenes of the celebration. The aristocrat and model married 63-year-old multimillionaire of South African origin Michael Lewis, and the celebration took place at Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, a stunning country mansion overlooking Rome.

    The celebration stretched over four days, and loved ones attended the couple's friends, including pop star Pixie Lott and Marchioness of Bath. According to experts, the wedding day itself cost more than a million pounds.

    Photos published at the time showed, among other things, the bride's wardrobe: bespoke dresses by Dolce & Gabbana, however, in a new video, Lady Kitty revealed the details. The one-minute video captures the ceremony itself, an elegant reception and spectacular fireworks. Most intriguingly, it also shows intimate moments between Lady Kitty and her non-public husband. The couple shines as they walk hand in hand down the aisle and take the time to be together in silence away from their guests.

    The video begins with footage of Lady Kitty and Lewis getting ready in different rooms of the 17th century mansion. Bride, global brand ambassador for Dolce & Gabbana was stunning in her luxurious wedding attire. Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda spent about six months in their embroidery factory and atelier in Milan.

    Lady Kitty was escorted up the steps of the villa into the courtyard by her brothers Louis, Viscount Althorp, and Samuel Aitken, but, as the record shows, she walked down the aisle alone. The couple exchanged vows between flower arches.

    The video ends with a shot of Lewis embracing his young wife as she gently leans her head on his shoulder.

    The footage shows the mother of the bride Victoria Aitken, first wife of Charles, Count Spencer, and Kitty's brother Louis.

    Created by leading Italian wedding videographer Marco Caputo.

    “I saw their love take root and then grow and solidify with all the happiness, excitement, and occasional struggle that goes along with it. I saw the tenderness and determination in both of them, and for the caring observer that I was, I was filled with joy to see a friend who already occupied such an important place in my heart, and the one who so easily conquered it, making each other happier than many people.To not just testify to this union, to feel it with something that is stronger than the laws of God, stronger than the laws of men ” , says the voice-over.

    Lady Kitty and Michael Lewis went public with their relationship in 2019 and were first spotted walking together in New York City. The father of three, who is five years older than the girl's father, proposed to the model shortly before Christmas 2019. Charles Spencer was not happy with the choice of his daughter and did not attend the wedding, citing health problems.

    Unlike his blue-blood model wife, Lewis prefers to stay away from prying eyes and social networks.



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